Total white outfit: how to wear white even in winter

by fashionsnobber

Cold weather arrived all over Italy and finally brought snow. The fresh and light that looks like icing sugar. Although it’s impossible for me to snow here I couldn’t help but let myself be infected by the desire for white for a total white outfit idea bear snow.

How to wear white even in winter

Usually the total white outfits are preferred in the summer worn with tanned skin, ideal to highlight it even more. In recent years, however, white is fashionable even in winter and although it may seem difficult to match it, it is not at all like this.
Just follow small tricks and the result will always be chic and classy, ​​capable of illuminating even the grayest winter day. Yes to total white looks with accessories in contrast or with white garments but of different materials. Jeans, wool and fur sweater as I did or pleated skirt, maxi pullover and sneakers all white. Yes, also with silver and glitter touches for evening outfits but absolutely not gold that immediately makes Christmas too much.
Black, beige, gray, camel and pastel colors go perfectly with this pure and candid color. Practical examples?
White trousers and sweater with camel coat, white maxi sweater used as a dress with high black cuissardes boots, white suit with gray overcoat and so on.

Total white outfit: a white bear even if there is no snow

My winter idea for a total white outfit reflects a bit of a white bear. Why a bear?
Because basically I’m a bear and I see myself as such. Especially in social relationships in which they are a disaster and totally inconstant. Scratch, move away, sometimes even ignore to defend myself but then basically I’m a teddy bear eager to be pampered. It is that I can’t stand being told that classic “you never let yourself be heard” by those who don’t do so much differently and have the courage to reproach it. Here, that is the exact way that leads me to not really feel myself anymore. It is a meaningless and obviously circumstantial phrase. I am a fool, I know, exactly like a bear. That said, no snow for my total white outfit. No polar cold. No penguins, seals, ice, icebergs or white bears on the horizon. Only hills, vineyard and typically Tuscan meadows with already some small daisy.

Outfit total white.

How to wear white in winter.

How to dress in white in winter.

Winter white outfit.

Total white outfit made by wearing a Stefanel synthetic fur, wool sweater with braided work Polo Ralph Lauren, skinny high waist jeans and suede boots H&M, Michael Kors leather bag, Valentino sunglasses and Apple Watch.

White fur outfit.

Total white outfit.

Outfit total white.

With my idea of today to wear a total white outfit even in winter we are done. As usual I wait for the next look and in the wait don’t forget that you can find me on the various social networks Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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