Trendy hairstyles for all hair lengths

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Hair plays an important role in characterizing the personality of every woman. They frame the face and are able to give that extra touch to the whole look. Whether they are short, long or medium, smooth, wavy or curly, every type of hair has without a doubt its ideal hairstyle. The next trends see a refined simplicity and composure to be always different without giving up the touch of glamor. Let’s see together which are the perfect trendy hairstyles for all hair lengths. Almost all very easy to carry and make at home alone.

All the latest hair fashion trends

Among confirmations and news, the latest hair fashion trends see short cuts as undisputed protagonists while the much acclaimed bob and long bob evolve by shortening a little and leaving the neck uncovered.
Long hair, on the other hand, comes back to the fore putting aside even cuts, preferring well-scaled ones.
Master the central and well-defined line, the low ponytail, the tips go back upwards for a 60s flavor hair flip.
The use of the gel becomes essential for a wet effect with the hair back or to create individual well-defined artistic waves.
Hair accessories become glam-chic and must be seen making every cut and hairstyle even more trendy especially if adorned with pearls or light points. Green light therefore to oversized headbands, and clips capable of making us shine.
Having said that, let’s go into more detail by discovering the hottest trendy hairstyles of the moment.

Trendy hairstyles for all hair lengths

Rolled up locks

Acconciature di tendenza capelli con ciocche arrotolate.


At a glance they may look like braids but instead they are simple strands rolled up on themselves. One of the trendy hairstyles with the perhaps most refined and romantic effect of all. Ideal for all lengths of hair and hairstyle collected or semi collected. To create them just take a lock, roll it up on itself creating a torchon and fix it to our liking with a hairpin or a clothespin. The perfect choice when the tufts falling on the forehead are not tolerated.


Acconciature di tendenza capelli con coda di cavallo bassa.


The flagship hairlook in the coming seasons is one of the main trend hairstyles easier to achieve. The ponytail can be created with all lengths of hair from long to medium-short, always resulting elegant. It should be soft and natural, preferring it first and foremost low and then medium high, perhaps embellishing it with clips or jeweled circles. The trendy touch can be given from the tips to the top while the sight of the elastic must be abolished turning over a small lock of hair to hide it.

Double buns

Double buns trendy hairstyles.


The most popular hairstyle of recent years, the messy bun, a messy version of the chignon, is doubled. Present the manga and cartoon comic Sailor Moon? Here, if at the time tidying the hair so we passed as women with the Peter Pan syndrome now we can do the double pigtails making it glamorous and fashionable. The important thing is that they are as untidy and messy as possible. Available also with medium-short cuts, perhaps in half bun version.

Hair flip

Hair flip trendy hairstyles.


A characteristic of trendy hairstyles is certainly that of the spikes on top. The hair flip is back in the limelight bringing the tips of hair, loose or gathered, short, long or medium that point in all directions. Personally I love them more combined with a high half tail. To get them just use a brush and a hair dryer, or the plate, giving the desired movement to the tips, then fixing them with a strong lacquer.


Tendrils trendy hairstyles.


90s revival, because in the hairstyle, as in fashion, everything comes back, so also the tufts left free around the face, better called tendrils. Practicable on each length of hair as long as it is obviously collected or semi-harvested. The final result will be a hairstyle with that deliberately imprecise and natural touch given by the locks left outside that fall on the face.


Acconciature di tendenza capelli con trecce.


It must be said, the braid is that evergreen hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. There are so many versions and types but now they return to claim their existence boxer braids followed by braids attached to the head for romantic crops and seeds that highlight the face. The first ones perfect for long hair and the second for long and medium short hair.

Wet look

Wet look trendy hairstyles.


Among the trendy hairstyles it is certainly the strongest and most versatile one. The wet look, directly from the 80s comes back not only on the catwalks but also in street style. Then go-go gel on wet hands and then pass them on the hair pushing them all backwards. Once the desired effect is achieved comb your hair with a fine tooth comb. Always with the gel, for the experts with good dexterity, you can create the effects of 20s waves. Both hairstyles can be made with any length of hair.

Hair color: the colors of fashion for trendy hairstyles

While the central parting and the messy are the absolute masters in the choice of cuts and hairstyles of the moment, as regards the hair color trends, naturalness and multi-tone reflections win.
From dark brown to blond, passing through red and without forgetting the pop colors (blue, white-gray, pink and green), the glowing effect is the most popular of the moment. Offered by almost all the best salons, it becomes difficult not to be infected. What is certain is that if we are not lovers of hairdressers and we want to do everything ourselves we must choose the best professionals to rely on. This is why I would like to recommend Schwarzkopf as a reference point from which to draw all those precious hair care tips that can make a difference in our daily life.
All that remains is to get to work. Our most beautiful hairstyles are just waiting to be made.

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