Truths about fashion bloggers and fashion blogging

by fashionsnobber

The time has come for a post, perhaps not required, decidedly out of steam, with a sort of outing that should be done by those in need. A post in which all the truths about fashion bloggers and fashion blogging hidden behind calling themselves an alleged influencer come out for better or for worse. Ok, momentarily more badly but let’s fly over this detail. As usual, I think about it, disgracing a little here and a little beyond what I don’t like about this sector. If someone wants to know how to manage a fashion blog correctly, the following will be exactly what they should not ethically do.


I’ve always tried to have my say in an ironic way by throwing more or less direct jokes there with the hope of having an examination of conscience. Maybe even start to change from the inside the more consolidated mentality on how fashion blogging should work.
Momentarily I have reached a point where I have seen, heard and read far too many. My diplomacy has gone to be blessed and since they are all a flock of sheep and do not have the balls to take a position, be it a like, a visualization or a comment in less they ruin, I do it for them. Since I don’t give a shit about all this and my visits, despite starting to snub totally different pseudo fashion bloggers, do not decrease. Really?! They thought they were fundamental. Well, the world doesn’t care about their dirty laps.
Today I will be hard, cold and yes, I have to say about all of them, none excluded. Obviously including me. I will not stop writing until I have vented myself very well by bringing out much of the rotten revealing all the truths about fashion bloggers and fashion blogging that I know. They are not the victims, they are only the creators.

! If you are touchy and think you are a super influencer convinced that you are perfect, do not keep reading because I will probably offend you heavily.

The 5 truths about fashion bloggers and fashion blogging that nobody will ever tell you

Truths about fashion bloggers and fashion blogging.

1. Purchase of likes and followers

The first truths about fashion bloggers to be addressed is certainly inherent in the controversy of buying followers and likes on the main social networks.
You don’t need a genius to see who and how many followers are purchased over a period of time. I have seen several graphs skyrocketing by 20,000 and more followers in 12 hours. As long as you don’t end up on television or paparazzi for dinner out with a cheap VIP lent to the game, I see it hard is possible. I don’t know if they know that technically we do things online and therefore all our movements are in the sunlight. Traceable from any specific monitoring program. Denying and gasping to be an influencer of ghosts as well as pathetic is painful. At least they had the integrity of not allowing themselves to criticize those who have less. Not everyone has money to waste or, simply, to these small change they give a different value.
I can conceive an initial purchase of a couple of thousand to leave, we would miss it, but getting rid of VIP numbers I find it ridiculous. On the street they are not recognized even by a cat and the only autograph they sign is the withholding tax for a sponsorship.
Defining public figures in bio and adding the word “official” in the nickname is just as hilarious. As I had already illustrated in a previous post, Chiara Ferragni has one and will remain one. Thank goodness.
Finally, staying within Instagram, when they use the automatic tools, which I admit I can easily use if I know that for that week or tot days I can’t be very active, if maybe they set them intelligently to prevent them like porn photos or of doubtful taste would be better. Even if they are already hooves with their favorite succinct poses then it is a moment to end associated with that category. Maybe they’ll call them for a porn movie, certainly not to invite them to Chanel’s fashion show. As well as the comments, you understand well that all the same under each photo, on the third, the shitty figure is colossal.

2. All (fake) friends of all

Second truths about fashion bloggers and offline fashion blogging to analyze is to realize that there is no blogger has not been “screenshotted” by a “colleague” to laugh at it.
We all ended up eating those 10/15 names that are free of bad things to feel better. The sad thing is when 40-year-old women stopped schooling around 14. I wonder, but a life that keeps them busy doesn’t have it? Are they so frustrated to check and have time to make up stories and talk badly about colleagues who they obviously phone and interact with like their best friend? Schifo is the only thing that comes to mind.
I’m just sorry I can’t get every single name and photo out to save the next victims who still believe him and fall for it because of inexperience and good faith. Unfortunately I am a lady. Believe me though, those you perceive as “friends of all” are the worst species.
They feel they are influencers and many wonder who ever influences tanning in that way. Did they ever tell him that not all of this momentarily fashionable is actually wearable and in good taste? Free will and the possibility of choice? Yes? So they don’t really have a taste and yes, they dress like shit when they follow every trend imposed by the fashion system. They will never convince me that plateaus are fine, crop tops must be worn by everyone, luxury brands are synonymous with well-dressed. Indeed, very often, those who wear designer clothes from head to toe are more ridiculous than those who buy only low-cost clothing. Well yes, let’s face it.
It is not a lady who throws her economic possibilities into the face with an arrogant and convinced attitude to those who do not make ends meet. Lady is not the one who goes into underwear to sponsor a packet of crisps, especially if mother and partner. Not even the one who shits colleagues trying to make burnt earth around him, just as he who praises himself and then clearly cheats on facts and trifles as a child in elementary school. Finally, even those who use children or personal problems to convey the approval of others are not Madam. Lady is the one who remains herself out of all this.

3. Ambiguity, inconsistency, falsity and opportunism

The third truths about fashion bloggers that should not be underestimated concerns those who praise you when you express any opinion that goes against someone or something and after two hours they turn the same thing over to you on the other side.
Let’s not poke fun. Those who think like me, in theory, do not follow or interact lovingly with those who do the opposite. It’s called COHERENCE. I invite you to read the vocabulary because maybe they don’t know the meaning. Not to say eh, but who I don’t like, I don’t read it, I don’t follow it and I don’t even have it among Facebook friends. Is it by chance written somewhere that a blogger must necessarily keep in touch with another unrated blogger? I don’t know. I simply don’t share what you express or how you show yourself and I don’t take you into consideration. I don’t see where the problem is. Not everyone liked Jesus either. If I wanted to talk, get along or keep in touch with the whole world, I did the PR, not the blogger behind a monitor for not having broken balls.
Let’s not forget also that truth about fashion bloggers to beg in private requests on how to get an invitation to a fashion show or any type of collaboration related to the blog. Do they seriously think who has the knowledge will go to tell the first loser who gets down on his knees with tears? First of all, if a person wants to give you a tip, he does it spontaneously. Second, rather than going to a parade where they would make me look bad, I would eat the invitation. Third, if your blog works, companies find us. Maybe they don’t know yet but to peep or write to him, as I said several times, ends the email in the trash 9 times out of 10. This signed and confirmed by insiders. Having said that, wouldn’t it be worth spending your time reading a fashion book and studying something that encourages you to write without citing only the words of others or copying the press releases?

4. Useless link building

The penultimate truths about fashion bloggers and fashion blogging that fits well in the head is the understanding that a bad link building of comments is completely useless.
What sense do pappardelle of comments on posts with “beautiful shoes!“, “Beautiful post!“, “Like it!” and similar?!
If you have something to say about the post it must be written with full knowledge of the facts. If you don’t have time or desire, neither to read it nor to comment it, better not to do it. Every blogger lives very well even without it. Indeed, the obligation to have to reciprocate for education also makes it even more frustrating.
Let’s end it with this little game.
It no longer brings work, it does not testify to popularity and Google has stopped basing indexing on this mechanism years ago. It is a singsong, whining and tremendously boring routine.
Loyal readers rarely comment and when they do it is because they have something really sensible or useful to say that adds value to the blog or post.
In short, if we comment with the intent to grab a visit with sentences of three words written to the dog’s cock, but who do we think will take us into consideration?
And then, but do we really believe every single compliment is left to us? Not me. And yes, most of the honeyed comments belong to those bloggers who speak badly behind us. I have too much fun seeing how far they think I’m being fooled. Oops, sorry, I amused, because from today the game changes for me.

5. Buttocks, boobs and brains on the run

The latest truths about fashion bloggers that perhaps will bother and discuss is that of publishing only content with unsolicited ass, boobs and nudity together with a caption of philosophical phrases that are like cabbage as a snack.
I read twenty-year-old girls ranting and offending women who blatantly criticized their nakedness displayed on every social media and in every possible position unimaginable.
I found them peasant and rude, as well as disrespectful, towards those who are older and probably have something to teach them. Now they don’t think about it, but maybe one day they will get married and have children who will be ashamed when they get home when someone pulled out a photo of their “sheep hole” 10 years ago ended up in a porn group, or they would have drawn on their open mouth a nice pea.
Maybe they don’t even know that even if you block the right button, the published photos are easily saved. I saw several of them end up in groups where I hope they didn’t really want to end.
But what should I say? For me they deserve it.
We agree, easy visibility is always obtained by undressing, but this does not imply that it must be done necessarily. Of course, they are choices, and as such must be respected. In fact, I did not notify the bloggers seen in those groups to have them collect the photos. I respect their choice to show up and end up there. At the mercy of pigs who little comment on what they wanted to sponsor. At best they will print them and use them in the bathroom to do themselves good. The step is short from #fashionblogger to #fashionporner. Respect, but I avoid them.

I’m Fashion Snobber

Blog di moda e lifestyle.

After all these accusations my time has come. Too easy to criticize without being criticized right? Mistaken.
About me I say yes, I’m fat, ugly, I can’t write or take decent photos as they have already explicitly said on the right and left. And yes, even more I am so snobbish that I can criticize anyone and consider only a select few. True, all true but at least I take all responsibility. What I write about is what I see and touch. I challenge you to prove otherwise. Am I so obnoxious just because I say things the way they are and take a stand? The problem is certainly not mine, but I am pleased to note that, although I have something to say, when I post something, I do not waste time turning it over as it seems and some sentences even making them.
I will never approve of all this as I will not stop breaking my balls and if it is not well the web is vast. Nobody gets offended if you move on.
Ah, it’s not that I don’t show ass and boobs because I can’t afford it, simply, in the second case, I would disappear. Thank God I have the decency and the good sense to understand that I prefer one less contact by keeping a husband and a son who will not be ashamed of me and whoever contacts me does so not because I’m cool but because I have a very clear, strong and distinct.
With this I end the monologue tired of losing breath and trying to change a saturated, false, liar and hypocrite system that everyone rightly criticizes and derides. What is certain is that from today I totally dissociate myself from this category. What will remain of me? Fashion Snobber. As a category and as a person. Those who want to follow me will always be welcome as long as it is true and when you need to have the balls to take a stand. Good face to bad game no longer works.
Amen and go in peace.
Yes, but with yourself, if you can…

Credits: I thank Dania Angels Wear Heels and Benedetta Come nasce una mamma for the post of subtitles suggestions.

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