16 ways to wear a belt so fashion

by fashionsnobber

Apparently the belt is back in fashion. I can only think a nice “when ever passed?“. The fact is that for the next few seasons will unquestionably another indispensable accessory to flaunt in our favorite outfits.

The belt between yesterday and today

The first belt dates back to prehistoric times. It was made of metal and was used to distinguish the military rank, religious or civil. In later centuries instead it was used mainly by men to bring the sword on his left side. For this reason, today, the male belt differs from the female only because once fastened over the final part of the buckle ends on the right side. The feminine ending on the left hand side. From the seventeenth to the end of the eighteenth century belts lost importance because it is no longer necessary. Only a few years before World War II returned to use in the form of ribbon or string crocheted womenswear. Since then it is regularly used by men and women. Both to make and keep the pants in life is for pure decoration.

How and why wear a belt

The belts do wonders to highlight or make your waistline. This we all know. They can be placed on hips or waist depending on the point on which we want to catch the eye. First of all must not be too narrow to be excessively wring FIG. They must harmoniously follow our line. Those thin, tall no more than two fingers, are perfect for those who have the waist and just want to enhance it more. The wide belts instead are used more to increase the volume or create a waistline especially when they are of a contrasting color to the garment worn. important note, never forget that the wide belts in contrast to the rest of the outfit break the figure. So when you are not too high best not to overdo it and choose to wear them with a sober look and matching accessories.

Tutorial: 16 ways to wear a belt so fashion

The most common model has the belt buckle at one end and the other of the holes. By threading the buckle hook into the holes you get closure. Each belt can be equipped with any other type of closure or simply knotted. For this, as for the blanket scarf I thought a nice visual tutorial is the best solution to give you new ideas. So I armed myself and I photographed every chance to wear it that I know from a basic model with heart buckle H&M.

Come indossare una cintura - Like wearing a belt.

Tutorial: 16 modi di indossare la cintura - 16 ways to wear a belt.

Which do you prefer the result? And above all, you know other ways on how to wear a belt to suggest me?

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