Tutorial: how to wear a belt in 16 different ways

by fashionsnobber

The belt seems to be back in fashion. I just think a lot “when did it ever go by?”. The fact is that for the next seasons they will unquestionably be another fashion accessory to show off and show off in our favorite outfits. But how can you wear a belt without getting bored? Soon said, below you will find an infographic tutorial that shows you how to tie the belt in many different ways.

Between yesterday and today

The first belt dates back to prehistoric times. It was made of metal and was used to distinguish military, religious or civilian rank. In the following centuries it was used mainly by men to carry the sword on the left side.
For this reason, today, the male belt differs from the female one only because, once fastened, the final part beyond the buckle ends on the right side. The female one ends on the left side.
From the XVII to the end of the XVIII century the belts lost importance because they were no longer considered necessary. Only a couple of years before the First World War they returned to use in the form of a ribbon or cord crocheted in women’s clothing.
Since then it has been used regularly by both men and women to tighten and keep pants on the waist or as a simple decoration.

How and why wear a belt

How to wear a belt in many different ways.

Belts work wonders to highlight or create the waistline and can be positioned on the hips or at the waist depending on where we want to capture attention.
First of all it is important to know that they must never be too tight to squeeze and force the figure too much. On the contrary, they must harmoniously follow our natural line. That said, depending on their height, to be worn correctly they have different indications to respect:

  • Thin belt. High no more than two fingers, it is perfect for those who already have a nice waistline and simply want to enhance it.
  • High belt. It exceeds the two fingers in height and is used to increase the volume or create a waist when it is not clearly evident. This happens especially when they are of a color in contrast with the garment worn. But, an important note not to be underestimated, it must be remembered that the high belt in contrast with the rest of the outfit breaks the figure so if we are not too tall, better not to overdo it and choose to wear the high belt with a sober look and matching accessories.

Tutorial: 16 ways to wear a belt so fashion

The most common belt model has a buckle on one end and holes on the other. By inserting the buckle hook into the holes, the closure is obtained. Each belt can be equipped with any other type of closure or simply knotted.
As for foulards, light scarves and plaid blanket scarf, I prepared an infographic tutorial to give new ideas and inspirations. Starting from a basic model, with heart-shaped buckle and without holes, here’s how to wear a belt in 16 different ways giving it that extra touch capable of further characterizing our next look. Some types of knot look great on a dress, a cardigan and why not, they are also excellent solutions to characterize the fastening of an outerwear such as a trench coat.

Tutorial su come indossare una cintura in tanti modi diversi.

Which result do you prefer? And above all, do you know any other ways to suggest me how to wear a belt?

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