Tutorial: 2 ways to make a quick bow

by fashionsnobber

The bow is one of those decorative elements very used daily. Such as for connecting the strings of our sneakers. But, despite being one of the first things we are taught as children, the result is not always able to accommodate us. For example, I became crazy when I have to make one perfect to be inserted into a shirt collar. So I thought I’d show you a tutorial with two practical methods on how to make a quick bow.

Tutorial: 2 ways to make a quick bow and in a few steps

For the demonstration I specifically chose a satin ribbon precisely because being a very slippery and soft cloth is difficult to succeed him to shape well in a bow. In this way you will better account of the surrender and you will see that with other fabrics flakes will be even better. Furthermore, in the first method I performed the jib in two variants just by changing the side from which the first slot. Being left-handed seemed right to have it see both. Try and find out how you feel more comfortable.

Method 1

Tutorial su come fare un fiocco - Tutorial on how to make a bow.

Come fare un fiocco in 6 passaggi - How to make a bow in 6 steps.

Taking as reference the second photo tutorial. It’s part crossing the two ends of the tape (A and B) and they drop soft. Formed from the intersection you take the top end B, the joint is bent to form a loop and moves to the left. Now we take the A end and under we go upwards before passing before the slot just created. And then through the back of everything else. So we’re going to form the band Flake. At this point, the bend forming a slot and make the inside of the clamp bringing it out from the opposite side of where we placed the buttonhole B. We pull and we fix the whole. Finished in six steps. Easier to do than to explain, I hope the pictures are clearer.

Method 2

Come fare un fiocco velocemente - How to make a quick bow.

In this case we take our tape and form an “M” as in the picture. We will then have formed two loops. We cross the ends of the slots and we do enter and succeed in a crossover. We pull, and we fix everything. Bow finished.

Finally it shows how he is a staple and what elements it is composed. I hope this tutorial might be helpful, or maybe it will be for the next time you need something decorated with bows. Or someone. ;)

How it is a bow.

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