How to make a bow quickly in 2 different ways

by fashionsnobber

The bow is one of those decorative elements that is widely used daily. For example, to fasten shoe laces. But, despite being one of the first things we teach as children, the result is not always able to satisfy us. For example, I go crazy when I have to make a perfect one to be inserted in the collar of a shirt. So I thought to illustrate with a infographic tutorial the two most practical methods on how to make a bow quickly.

Tutorial: 2 ways to make a quick bow and in a few steps

For the demonstration I specifically chose a satin ribbon precisely because being a very slippery and soft fabric it is quite difficult to be able to shape it well in a bow. In this way it will be possible to better understand the yield and see that with other fabrics the bows will be even better. Furthermore, in the first method I made the staple in two variations simply by changing the side from which to start with the first buttonhole.
Being left-handed it seemed correct to show them both. With various tests, each of us will then discover that it will automatically be natural to start either from the right or from the left.

Method 1

Come fare un fiocco.

How to make a bow.

Taking as reference the tutorial of the second photo:

  1. It starts by crossing the two ends of the belt (A and B).
  2. They drop soft.
  3. From the intersection formed, take the upper end B, fold it into a buttonhole and move to the left.
  4. Now we take the end A and from below we make it go up, first before the newly created buttonhole and then behind everything else. We will thus form the bow tie.
  5. At this point we fold it to form a buttonhole and pass it inside the clamp making it come out on the opposite side of where we placed the buttonhole B.
  6. We pull and fix everything.

Finished in six steps. Easier to do than to explain, I hope with the help of the photos it has been clearer.

Method 2

Come fare un fiocco in 4 mosse.

In this case there are 4 steps to create a bow:

  1. Take our ribbon and give it the shape of the letter “M” as in the photo. Thus we will have formed two buttonholes.
  2. Cross the ends of the buttonholes.
  3. Make one enter and succeed inside the intersection.
  4. Pull and fix everything. Finished bow.

Finally, I attach an infographic on how a bow is made and what elements it is made of.

How it is a bow.

I hope this tutorial may have been useful or maybe it will be for the next time you need to bows something. Or someone.

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