How to decorate the Christmas tree step by step

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Tradition has it that the Christmas tree is made on 8 December, or for the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Many people, however, including me, play in advance and it is not uncommon to start seeing festively decorated houses as early as the end of November. After seeing 10 original ideas for a DIY Christmas tree, today we see together how to decorate the Christmas tree step by step. Do the lights go first? The festoons? Or do we start from the decorations? Is it necessary to follow a logic or how is it coming? Legitimate doubts to which you can definitely give an answer for those who perhaps are not really well taken with manual skills (like me) or do not have a marked aesthetic sense of things.

How to decorate the Christmas tree in 5 steps

It is fundamental to know well in what order we have to decorate the Christmas tree because its realization, as well as being a real art, always requires a certain type of criterion. First of all, let’s remember to decorate the Christmas tree in a uniform way, deciding in time a theme, a style and a selection of colors. Everything must be very clear in our mind and we must keep it developing it during construction. In this way we will always get a chic and classy result. Remember that the “a bit of everything” it’s not good either in this case. If you have doubts better to rely on a single color with a single theme and the result will still be elegant and proof of criticism. Given this, in front of our bare tree here’s how to proceed:

1. Insert the lights

The lights are the first step to be followed to decorate the Christmas tree to the fullest. Surely it is the most boring part but of fundamental importance because they create the whole atmosphere. They must be inserted around the shaft clockwise, on the other hand at the bottom and from the inside towards the outside, trying to maintain a uniform space between one and the other. Council to place them on and occasionally move away from the tree so as to realize the final effect. Usually two wires are used. One for the inside and one for the exterior. For a 30 cm tree we need an average of 45 lights, for a 60 cm we need 90 lights and instead for a 180 cm one 270. Finally, you prefer those LEDs that in addition to consume less are definitely more durable and safe.

2. Cover the base of the tree

Perhaps one of the most overlooked passages. Surely it is a personal choice for the practicality of cleaning the floor or the presence of animals rather than for other reasons. If however we choose to cover it, the solutions are innumerable. From the classic jute bag to the fabric draped in theme with the decorations of the tree, up to the fake gift packages. A detail to which not everyone thinks but capable of making the difference.

3. Place the decorations

This is the fun part that allows you to give free rein to our creativity. The only rules, for an optimal result of the glance being able to give a sense of balance and fullness to the tree, are the positioning of the decorations according to their size. In fact, the small decorations should be placed high, the middle ones in the middle and the big ones at the bottom. Without forgetting, for a better sense of depth, to insert someone even inside. Finally, the most particular or important ones to highlight should be kept by placing them on the outer ends of the branches.

4. Decorate with festoons, threads, fake snow, etc.

Finished placing all the decorations both inside and outside of our Christmas tree it is now time to place the festoons, the strings of pearls or snow if they are provided. Wrapped around the branches, the shaft clockwise or by dropping them from above. In this case there are no precise rules, it all depends on the final aesthetic result we want to achieve.

5. Put the tip

Whether it’s a star, a bow or a classic shape is the final gesture. By placing the tip on top of the tree we have officially finished. Now we just have to enjoy the whole atmosphere created and start the festivities.

Below I had fun creating a small and simple visual tutorial gif for the most reluctant to read. I hope you like it and I recommend let me know how you have chosen to decorate the Christmas tree. I this year, as a good denied in the matter I entrusted the classic white. ;)

Come addobbare l'albero di Natale passo dopo passo - How to decorate the Christmas tree step by step.

Decorazioni bianche per l'albero di Natale - White decorations Christmas Tree.

Come addobbare l'albero di Natale - How to decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree.

Come decorare l'albero di Natale - How to decorate the Christmas tree.

White Christmas tree.

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