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by fashionsnobber

After seeing how Instagram and you understand the use of the hashtag is the time to explain even a little on social chirps most famous and unique in the world, or Twitter.

Twitter is a social network focused on better microblogging born in 2006. It allows you to share photos, videos, links, and even surveys like any other company with the only difference to limit the text to 140 characters (116 if you insert a link or an image). Soon, however, it will be upgraded to 140 excluded links and images that are no longer counted in the characters of a tweet.
So far there seems to be nothing unusual, in fact it is quite clear, only that in many after opening the profile are lost, we do not understand anything and abandon him bitterly.
Also I start it took me a while to understand the meaning, but I assure you that once taken his hand to me is much more fun than Facebook and the like, and today is my favorite, the first control just wake up, the best to give me the latest news headlines and what do I upgrade more often.
In the first place I find it much more intelligent and immediate, in fact they can write just have to have a sense of synthesis, learn to make clear a concept in a few words and go straight to the point without getting lost in personal monologues that objectively bored and not interest anyone. For me that in real life is a rather quiet and that tells little about it is ideal.

Twitter: instructions for use in 140 words and a little more

– First, it is good to understand that there are no friendships to be accepted or ask. Simply you decide to follow updates posted by people dealing with topics of interest to us, and these are not obliged to reciprocate. And what always welcome but it is not read, learn it right before bad stay there.
– You share everything publicly, alternatively are used DM (direct message) granted only between two users follow each other. Secrets profiles is a bit like Instagram, have no reason to exist. No events or games to do it the day of your birthday in your profile so many balloons and flying with gif, once you try, you can not do without.
– It reads, speaks, we speak, he is facing. Always in short and clearly.
– If you want to mention someone or answer his tweets have to remember to insert the spiral symbol “@” before the user name of the person concerned in which we operate otherwise they will never know that we wanted to talk to him.
– In the right column of the home you will always find the trends of the moment, that is those trends that are sponsored or decreed by the greater number of users who are talking about that topic. Sometimes they will be in the form of hashtags other times a specific name. Tweeting, that is, by writing, of one of those topics in the trend you can find new followers and get noticed. personal advice, splurge on television programs, have your say when you’re watching TV and you’re ironic and amusing interactions more you will get. The Italians trash programs like a lot to criticize.
– Remember to label the tweets possible with one or more hashtags (the words or combinations of words preceded by the hash symbol “#“) as well as creating a hyperlink to all the recent posts with the same hashtag lets them find in time and let you know for those looking for argument.
– Learn how to interact and not tirarvela, if you like a ricondividetelo tweet in your profile through retweets, ie using the second icon in the shape of two circular arrows located under each tweet or alternatively save in favorites using the heart near the arrows and then find it in the “I like” your profile.
– Do not just open your profile and publish only automatic connection link, counted as a dead profile, sing-song and boring. Very few are put to open the link to see what was written on Facebook, for example. Twitter users hate most Facebook let alone if they make the effort to open a link. On Twitter, there must either be dealing with. Point.
– Last thing to keep in mind with whom I had to deal is that I opened my profile at the end of 2011 as Una Mamma Snob, I had reached about 3000 and passes followers but then one day taken with a fit of my I turned off the profile thinking to reactivate it when I would pass. Well, remember that if you turn off a profile on Twitter you have time up to one month to recover otherwise hello hello, lost everything exactly as it happened to me. If you want to detoxify better to let him stop and then resume it later but never turn it off if you are not sure.

How to increase followers on Twitter?

There is nothing is not shared or disclosed. As with Instagram, or you decide to buy them to make before but with little interaction results and then all smoke and no fire or as I always say “you go to the grocery store“. As? Just beginning to follow a bit ‘of users with a number of followers similar to our own and a number of quite high but lower than the followers Following (this makes us assume tend to reciprocate follow but still match an minimal, therefore, real and not fake). Obviously choose those more inclined to your reading pleasures because it will find them at home every day. He expects few days and then you check if they have returned, otherwise defollow and again. Not nice, it is not fun but it is definitely the fastest and painless method to grow a bit.
Then there is the play of profiles and tweets with #follow4follow #f4f #followforfollow so on but do not recommend it because if unfortunately you do not follow just one rule or skip a retweet or mention you massacre. I have never tried but hearsay is perhaps more exhausting to get there to select someone interesting so even within about exactly explain.
For the rest is the rule of all social networks. Interact, post content that interest, amuse and are original.
The most successful tweet that seems to come first to hit the mass according to several experts are composed of 100 to 115 characters, they have at least one hashtag and a photo.
Finally dispel the myth that only Twitter maniacs door, perverted, horny and died of that thing there. They are everywhere and it is up to us with the image that we get to receive the audience of our interest. This on Twitter as of any other means of communication that we have in hand. It ‘a company, and as such should be used like any other port if you knew how to make good things well. And ‘the most difficult, it must be said, is not for everyone but it is worth much more than others. I indeed was born on Twitter and even though I have changed and revolutionized a bit ‘all from 2011 to date in the end I always go back there.
I leave you with the Top of my Twitter profile and some of my tweets among the most successful ones. If you want to follow me I will of course be happy to reciprocate and while I “twitto“, and you?

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