Underwear online? Cotonella is the quality of our intimacy

by fashionsnobber

When we think of fashionable underwear the first thing that comes to mind is definitely to look for and find quality garments. They are breathable, resistant to frequent washing, have no harmful substances and the colors remain as bright as possible. That is why, in my opinion, there is no brand that compares the confrontation with our Italian Cotonella giant.

Cotonella underwear.

Cotonella is the quality of our intimacy

Cotonella is an underwear brand for men, women and children totally Made in Italy with 40 years of activity. It was born in the 70s near Brescia as a small workshop of underwear. Thanks to the professionalism and the never to give up those values ​​that made it unique, it has become today the number one leader in Italy in the quality underwear. Distributed in every commercial circuit its collections range from underwear to corsetry. Not to mention the wide choice of knitwear and pajamas. All in perfect harmony with the tendencies of the moment, while remaining timeless garments of good taste. A wide range of products capable of satisfying and dressing with intimacy and detail in the intimacy of each of us. And we know all this is important and crucial in choosing a brand rather than another.

The quality of the Cotonella underwear

I have been wearing this brand since I was little and yes, he even escorted me to the altar. The thing that most has made me fall in love is without a doubt the constant attention she puts in selecting the raw materials used. From the choice of the best organic cotton, hygienic and natural, to the number of controls that their garments are subjected to. Think, well, 54. From the initial stage of raw material processing through all the steps of realization. Each step is checked and tested at 360° only to provide the best. A guarantee for us consumers who makes us proud and proud of having chosen to trust us at Cotonella. Infondo says the name itself. Cotton is always and indisputably the wisest intimate choice.

Cotonella moda intimo online - Cotonella underwear online.

Underwear online? Cotonella is the best choice

Cotonella also offers the best online women’s underwear. A shop where you can find all the collections that can satisfy even the most demanding customer. Only the women section has 22 categories, each of which opens up to a variety of models ready to suit any style and taste. And above all with the assurance that any of our choice, whether with brassieres with or without bra, from midi to brasilian skirts, from pajamas to tanks, we will always be on a Made in Italy certified high quality product. Also on the Cotonella shop the more you spend and the more you save. In fact, as our shopping expands the expense of shipping drops to being totally free. As? Meanwhile, type COUPON code into the space before you finish the online order. I honestly do not know why you are still here to read me. Run on Cotonella shop and choose to wear the best Italian lingerie fashion. But what I say, the world!

Cotonella negozio intimo online - Cotonella underwear online shop.

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Fashionably Idu 11.05.2017 - 5:56

Very pretty. I love the men’s design as well.



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