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Let’s start by putting some dots on the “i’s” since good taste is dead at “Una rotonda sul mare” and by now of style errors if we see too many.
The vision and interpretation of fashion, although it is thought to be very subjective and relative, has very clear guidelines if we really want to be considered women or men of class.
Below are the stylistic errors par excellence. The worst ones I have ever seen and those articles that you will never ever see me wear or give to my man. No, not even under torture or for a fee. And so it was that all my acquaintances will go around retrieving some of my style slips to reproach me… ;)

The worst style errors

Woman style errors

Errori di stile donna.

Half shaved hair

Consistency, decision and logical sense. Or one or the other. Let us leave this “inspiration” to the stars. And not even on our children, please. I saw girls with a bob on the right and shaving on the left, an infinite pain for those poor creatures.

Eyebrows too fine or tattooed

We are not and we do not want to look like Moira Orfei (with respect for the person). Eyebrows are important, they give expression, they must be as natural as possible and must exist. Exactly, you really have to see as well as not seem clearly designed and fake.

Crop top and shorts

To be clear, I’m talking about the short sweaters over the navel and those shorts so short that you can see the apples on the bottom. Please let them wear teenagers looking for their identity. Whether you are physically fit or not, they are essentially errors of style that a woman aware of her taste does not make. Granted to go to the beach. ONLY AT THE SEA.

Pointed nails

They are for witches at the theater, at the cinema or during Halloween when we dress up. As well as those absurd and too elaborate colors. Why on earth should we want the Sistine Chapel on our nails? Yes to nuances in nuances, in the same tone but in different colors on each finger and not to the ring-dyed only differently. What made us hurt poor? Really, I don’t understand. At least alternate them, make one and one. In short, give it a meaning.

Mini bikini whit tanga

Tucked up in the ass and barely covering the nipple. Either we are doing a service for Playboy or let’s act like a lord and let’s cover ourselves. Do we want something original stoves from the usual bikinis? If we can afford it, we use cut-out costumes or trikini costumes. We will certainly look finer. A serious and classy woman can be seen more from what is covered than from what is discovered and no talk that the dress does not make the monk because he does it. We all rely on the first impression and often don’t have the time to get to know a person well to go further. There is little to say trying to climb on the mirrors. Human being is like this.

The lingerie at vista

In any circumstances it is to be avoided and considered a great style mistake. Let us curb our tendencies, bring respect and use education towards those around us. We do not see each other, others do.


The leggings are not pants. Comfortable and practical, nothing to say, but they must be worn only and exclusively in extremely casual circumstances with something long above that covers the bottom.

Too much nudity

If we show our legs with a miniskirt we don’t even discover the breast or the back and vice versa. Everything is granted if it is well calibrated and reasonably elegant.

Mix too many fantasy together

Ok to the Mix & Match as long as it doesn’t make us look like Christmas trees. Lines, flowers, polka dots, all in outfits? We learn to say “no thanks” when overly forced. We say yes if they are in nuance or they are well connected to each other.

Leather tights and white socks

The first let’s leave them to old ladies (with all due respect to age), we don’t want to get old, do we? I know, it’s a bit too old-school but better without grinding your teeth. The latter instead leave them to 5-year-old girls.

Sponge socks with sandals or open shoes

Are we German on holiday? No, we are Italian and in Italy technically we should have good taste, right? The shoe must be closed. You will never sell me well any trend of this kind, for me they fall into those unforgivable errors of style.

Flip-up shoes

Only to go to the beach or stay at home. They are not worn to go out at night, to take an aperitif in the cool place or not, not even to do the shopping.

Plateau and platform shoes

And here an infinite “Noooooooooo” will start and most women will never come back to see me because they all wear them. But I have to say it. My girls, the plateau when it is excessive and excessively visible is horrendous, vulgar and weighs down the figure without counting how much it ruins the outfit. I’m sorry but it’s not classy, ​​it’s the anti-antipode of good taste and finesse like platform shoes. I know, they help you walk almost decently on a 12 heel but if we love the heights strength and courage, a bit of practice and practice and a shoe with heel but flat on the front will not be impossible for anybody. Obviously there are plateau and plateau we say that those well hidden and not too high pass them ok?

View logos

This too is one of the worst style mistakes for me. There is no need to show that a garment is signed by choosing at all costs the one filled with logos everywhere. The ostentation is in very bad taste in all its forms. The monogram pattern only on Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags please.

That said, in my opinion a woman is gorgeous with a nice pair of jeans not too low-waisted without convoluted seams or flashy fading, a white t-shirt, a nice jacket and a pair of Converse rather than when she’s looking for to follow what the stylists propose without realizing how the result is more fake and unnatural than how it really feels inside and how it thinks it looks.
We also bring respect to our men without showing useless nakedness that should only be enjoyed by them. If we have a beautiful body we also see dressed normally it does not matter to discover it all to enhance that bone or that extra muscle.

Man style errors

Errori di stile uomo.

Half shaved hair and means no

As for women. Same speech. Undecided eternals? Shaved, with indomitable tufts in the center. What a noiaaaaaa! They look like palm trees to me, not men.

Barn style Heidi grandfather

If it is not treated daily for at least half an hour, cutting it is the best solution.

Golden neck chains

Why do you want to look like mastiffs to wear on a leash? The gold chains around the neck are synonymous with Burini men who are proud of being to the bone. The result is anything but fine and classy, ​​do you know it?

Shaved chest hair

We assume that men, as such, are naturally furry. It is beautiful to be so. So I lower all those who shave their chest, legs, etc. except when it is caused by the sport practiced AGONISTICALLY. A man who holds himself even more than a woman, even less. Thank you.

Shirts open up to the chest

To show their bibs with great pride (if any). One of the masculine style mistakes among the most tamarri and in bad taste.

Tank tops

Never liked a man as intimate. For me it doesn’t make sense to exist except as sports uniforms in basketball.

Jeans with too many visible stitches

They give the idea of ​​the man who ran away from home. And mind you, dear boys, it is not enough to wear a Ralph Lauren shirt to look like an elegant and stylish man if you then combine it with the jeans mentioned above leaving it open to the chest and maybe even a nice gold chain.

Black shirts

Never, at least you’re not a bouncer or going to a funeral. Shirts should be preferred in light colors, with fine patterns and cotton fabrics. No translucent fabrics, totally elastic and flashy.

Shirt collars too big and pointed

Thanks to God, the years at Tony Manero are temporarily overcome. The botton-down necks are beautiful and always chic.

Traslucent blazer

No, NEVER, not even for weddings. They are in bad taste and fall into rather serious style errors. They make it seem like they are about to catch fire at any moment. Nothing else.

Fine ties and big node

Ties must be classic, not fine. Otherwise, it’s not a tie, it’s just a thread. You might as well not wear it at all. The tie must be tie. Point. And without a huge knot, I recommend it.

Tight-fitting clothes of two smaller sizes

Every piece of clothing obviously has to be bought in its own size, it doesn’t have to be tight to show the muscles. If you have them you can see them well without emphasizing them with garments that take your breath away and seem to be about to tear from one moment to the other Hulk effect.

Swimsuit slip

The slip costumes are of a unique ugliness. Whites even worse. 90% of men are hurting while 10% are professional swimmers so avoiding confrontation is better. You would come out of losers. Always.

White socks

They are the culmination of style errors. Nothing else to add. I refuse to comment, I think (I hope) you get there yourself.

Flip-up shoes

As for women, they are only for the sea or for staying at home.

Shoes with too square or too long tips

For moccasins and lace-up or elegant shoes. NO NO NO and still NO. The tip must be classic, better if rounded and absolutely never so long as to make it arch to the high jester effect.

Patent leather shoes

Never, even with a tuxedo or tait. Forget about them even if they make beautiful models, it must be admitted, but in any case nothing that cannot be improved with a beautiful classic leather.


As long as you are not a lawyer with the 24 hours the bag let you bring it to your partner. Use a backpack that is better. Unattainable those “men” who use the insipid shoulder bags signed Ferrari, Vespa and the like.

In conclusion, in this article I speak for those people who do not have a particular talent and without knowing which fish to take they often present themselves with a decidedly out of place clothing or somewhat tamarro convinced to make a good impression by committing most of these errors of style.
Let us always remember that after all tastes are really many, but good taste is only one.
Be yourself with simplicity and for your pockets. Overdoing it is useless and never leads to anything.


Cece 26.02.2017 - 18:18

II agree with everything!

CHRISTINA KEY 28.09.2015 - 10:35

Interesting post! Great that you have different languages! :)


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