Unforgivable Style Errors

by fashionsnobber

We begin to put some ‘of dotting the “i” as the good taste died in “A discussion on the sea.”

The vision and the interpretation of fashion despite think is very subjective and relative has well defined guidelines if you really want to be considered women or men class. Below you will find the style unforgivable errors for excellence. Style errors worst I’ve seen, and those items that never ever see me wear or give away to my man. No, not even under torture or for a fee. And so it was that everyone I know will recover within a few slip my style for rinfacciarmelo. Hahaha! Look I’m not even that perfect huh, wrong like everyone else. Only after I learn that I do not stay recurrence. Here it is. :)



Hair shaved half, one side long and the other short, curly but with smooth fringe… Decide! Or one or the other. This “talent” to let him star. And even for your children please! I saw girls with bobbed right and left a shaving infinite punishment for those poor creatures.
Tattooed eyebrows, too thin and formless. What are Moira Orfei? Come on, eyebrows are important, they give expression, they must be as natural as possible and do exist! That’s right, you just have to see.
The crop top. The Short link above the navel to be clear, what you wore 12 years and now want to re-use because it does not have anything to clean the closet. Let’s leave the teenager and not to all. Oh God, if I had never worn my mother she would have slapped 10 to 15 years as well as they come of age. But we overlook the individual educations, there are mothers who send their daughters to around naked and then they wonder if the rape. Boh. Life is strange. However, the crop top are fine to stay in their own home if you like to show your abs or garment to sleep. In this category I do cut back even shorts sleeping seats. Fisicate or less are vulgar, at most to go to sea. The concept is still the same.
The dress animal only if you have exceeded 50, you are desperate spinsters and are going to the local disco to “pick up” any desperate man like you. Do you like the fantasy animal? Bets on accessories.
The nails are pointed for the witches to the theater, cinema or during the night of Halloween if you masked. Just as those colors absurd and too elaborate. YES to the gradient in nuance, tone is the same but different color on each finger and NO to only ring dyed differently. What made you poor thing wrong? And ‘discolored because you use it to clean your ears as was once the little finger (bad habit and vulgar)? Really, I do not understand. Alternatele least, and make a one. So give it a sense.
The bikini with thong well tucked in the pants and barely covering the nipple. Or are you doing a service for Playboy or behave like a gentleman and cover. You want something original stoves of the usual bikini? If you can afford the costumes used cut-out or tankini. Surely you will look thinner and series. Think what you want but a serious woman and class is seen by most as it is covered not by how it turns out and no speeches that clothes do not make the Monaco because it does. There is little to say trying to scrambling.
The visible underwear in all circumstances and in white garments. Have education towards those around you. Bring over the next please. You do not see yourself, others will! Unfortunately for you.
The leggings if you weigh more than 80-90 kg and are not high by 1.75m up does not have to put on and in case you are tall and slim take them with something long over, no pants!
Too much nudity. If you show your legs with a miniskirt not Bare your windowsill or even the back. Have decency.
Mix together so many fantasies. Feeling Christmas trees for the event? Stripes, flowers, polka dots, all in outfits? Learn to say “No thanks”.
Skin-colored tights and white socks. The first let’s leave the old ladies (with all due respect to age), you do not want invecchiarvi true? Here avoid them totally. The second, instead let’s leave the girls of five years.
Stockings view with sandals or open shoes high. OMG! Germans are on holiday? No, you’re Italian in Italy and technically we should not have good taste? The shoe should be closed.
The flip-flops and models rubber slipper just to go to the beach. They do not wear for a night out, to have a drink in the cool place and even to go shopping. For the sea always remain timeless Havaianas.
Decollete or sandals with heel color white. NO. Never. Provided that it is the day of your wedding. Only in this case they are permissible.
The plateau. And here it starts a “noooooooooo” infinite and most of you will never come back to see me because they all use it. But do I have to say. My girls, when the plateau is excessive and overly exposed is horrendous, there vulgarises and worsened a figure Beside that ruin the outfit. You have no idea of ​​hundreds of look gorgeous seen among you but then I could not comment because there was a shoe combined with the plateau unwatchable. I’m sorry but it is not class, is all’antipode of good taste and finesse as in principle they are wedges too elaborate. I know it helps to walk almost decently on a heel 12 but if you love heights strength and courage, a bit ‘of practice and exercise and a heel 12 at ground level in front of you will not be impossible for any of them. Obviously, there are plateau and plateau say that those well-hidden and not too high pitch them ok? So maybe some of you back. ; P
Logos in view. No need to show that an item is signed choosing at all costs that filled logos everywhere. The only fancy hologram on Louis Vuitton handbags and Gucci please.

In my opinion a woman is beautiful with a nice pair of jeans is not excessively low rise seamless convoluted or discoloration flashy, a white t-shirt, a nice jacket and a pair of Converse rather than when inghinghera all trying to follow what the designers propose without realizing what the outcome is more fake and unnatural as you really feel inside and how it plans to appear. In addition we carry over our men not flaunt unnecessary nudity that should only enjoy them. If you have a beautiful body is also seen if you dress normally do not care to find out everything to enhance that bone or the muscle.



Hair shaved media etc. as for women. Same thing. Eternal undecided? And then bastaaaa, are all the same in this period! Shaved, with the center tufts indomitable. That noiaaaaaa! I do not happen to the palms of men!
Facial hair style Heidi’s grandfather. If not treated daily for at least half an hour tagliatevela is better.
Chains and gold chains around his neck. I do not even seem to take on a leash mastiffs. Or are the classics burini proud of it to the core or avoided, it is better. The result is far from the end of class.
Chest Hair facts. We assume that men, as such, are inherently fuzzy. And it’s nice to be so. So down with all those who shave the chest, legs and everything else aside it is not caused by the sport engaged in competitions. No one is fooled. Mezz’uomini found. Nothing else.
Shirts and T-shirt open to below the chest to show with great pride as you are or hairless chest. An error tamarrissimo.
The singlets. He never liked a man even as intimate.
Jeans with stitching too exposed and different pieces of fabric give the idea of ​​man escaped from casa.E mind you, dear boys, not just wear a Ralph Lauren (yes, even those tarot) to look like a busy man and great style when then paired with jeans above or left open to the chest and with a beautiful gold chain and silver snapped there in plain sight.
Blackshirts, ever, at least you’re not a bouncer or is going to a funeral (maybe not even go over well in that case). Shirts prediligetele of light colors, with patterns and fine cotton fabrics. Nothing translucent fabrics, elastic and flashy to speak.
Colli shirt too big and pointy. The years to Tony Manero thank god are outdated. Beautiful hills with button-down.
Jackets translucent. No, never, not even for weddings.
Ties purposes and big knots. The ties are to be classical, not ends. Get it? This stylish tie tiny but what’s the point? It’s not a tie, is a wire cloth! Might as well do not you put it. Disgusting. The tie should be tie. Point. And without a huge knot please.
Chiefs tight two sizes smaller. T-shirts and pants are obviously bought in your size, are leaders who do not have to be skinny to show the muscles, if you have them, you can see well without emphasize them with leaders who will take your breath away and seem to be to tear at any moment another effect Hulk.
Costume To slip. Oh for heaven’s sake! The costumes have to slip a vulgar one. Bianchi even worse. They’re bad for 90% of all of you and you will not want to be accountable. 10% are professional swimmers so avoid the confrontation that is better. It outputs losers. Always.
White stockings and ankle socks. No. Nothing more to add. I refuse.
– Slipper style shoes are only used at home. Do you know it? In fact, I hate even at home let alone when I see people who go to the beach or around. Maybe with attached vest. I swear, I have to throw up.
Tips and square too long for loafers and lace-up shoes or elegant. NO NO NO and NO again! – Patent leather shoes ever, even with the smoking or the Tait. Dimenticatevele.
Bag. No come on. Provided you’re not lawyers with 24 hours leave the bag to bring to your partner. Use a backpack is better. Unwatchable those “men” who use the shoulder silly signed Ferrari, Vespa and the like. But please! Not addressed!

To explain better I can advise you to take a ride by Boggi. Here, his style is perfect for any man or boy you are.

We should add that even a style dandy, if you knew how to lead because you feel at ease and not sforzatamente has his work cut out why. I really like it. As are all those styles most sought after when worn by those who truly is.
I speak for those people who do not have a particular flair and not knowing how to get on often present with a totally inappropriate clothing or somewhat convinced tamarro to impress.
Let us always remember that the tastes are so many, but good taste is just one!

One last question about the fashionable man and woman who unfortunately has made me think the leaders are false.
Nowadays you see anyone with a signature case no longer think “What lucky, that beautiful!” Now you ask yourself “Will true?”.
This really is an obscenity.
I speak as one who has only original garments, that if he is sweaty and gained over the years and when he sees those wearing the fake fall arms.
But do you really think that you do not see?
Not just the “L” and “V” printed to perfection without the effect to “X” to fall into the trap, for example. A bag pretend you see it from a mile away and does not go to a fashion person, but the commentary is a “poor thing” …
So my advice, if you can not spend money in permetterveli leaders tarot but teneteveli aside to get to the desired digit and comprateveli original.
There is a difference and it shows.
It’s not nice to the large fashion designers who create them.
Be yourself with simplicity and for your pockets. Overdoing it is not needed and never leads to anything.


Cece 26.02.2017 - 18:18

II agree with everything!

CHRISTINA KEY 28.09.2015 - 10:35

Interesting post! Great that you have different languages! :)


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