Valentine’s Etiquette: 10 tips to make it special

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Valentine’s Day is approaching, the Lovers’ Day par excellence and one of the most inflated and consumerist of the year. But, morals aside, because obviously we must remember to love each other every day, it is still that extra opportunity to pamper those we love. If we don’t know what to do to avoid making mistakes, Valentine’s etiquette comes to our rescue and tells us how to make it a special day.

Valentine’s Etiquette: 10 tips to make it a special day

10 tips from the Valentine's Etiquette to make it a special day.

1. Where to go, what to do

First of all, we assume that it is not necessary to spend large amounts. Love is not measured in money by draining the bank account. It is not law to go out to dinner in the most exclusive restaurant, on the contrary, very often a themed dinner organized at home is considered more romantic and effective, rather than a trip to one of the most loved places by the couple or returning to where we are known. The important thing is to organize something pleasant for your loved one and if it is a dinner or any other activity that requires a reservation, do it in time.

2. The invitation

When you invite someone for Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to tie everything with additional superfluous and cloying coaxing. Everyone knows the meaning of being invited to spend this party together and a sober and elegant card, perhaps accompanied by flowers, is fine. It may be helpful to inquire beforehand whether the person we love has or does not like to celebrate. Having established this, it is up to the man to book the restaurant, the pizzeria, the romantic weekend or any place where he intends to bring his beloved.

3. What to wear

Valentine’s etiquette is very clear in this regard, the man must be taken care of without overdoing it while the refined woman, far from sexy and vulgar looks. Obviously, it is useless to point out that everything depends on the type of location planned for the appointment. For a pizza or a cinema, fashion jeans are fine, for an evening at the theater or in a chic restaurant, something more elegant like a little black dress is better.

4. What to give

Tradition has it that the Valentine’s Day gift should be reciprocal but in well-established couples this task falls to the man. As for the choice of where to go for gifts, it is good to remember that expensive is not synonymous with great love. The best thing would be to choose something designed for others based on their tastes, desires, passions or hobbies, overcoming the clichés of gadgets and heart-shaped chocolates. Let’s leave those to the younger ones. Flowers always remain the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for both new and established couples. Followed by jewels, possibly personalized, but absolutely reserved for lasting couples.

5. Dinner

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the most common choice is a dinner out or at home. If we do not know the gastronomic preferences of those we love, investigate and proceed accordingly. The goal is to create a romantic atmosphere and enjoy some time together dedicated exclusively to the couple. Everything must be taken care of down to the smallest detail, from the mise en place to the outfit and if you have children, send them to sleep with their grandparents, friends or arrange with a babysitter. At least for one evening let’s focus on each other, the relationship will benefit.

6. How to behave

Etiquette teaches us that you should never talk about money, health and sex in public. At the table, you should never use your cell phone, you always sit facing each other and the man must be gallant towards his partner even paying the bill. Valentine’s etiquette does not fail in all this, except, given the theme of the anniversary, to tolerate some slight and elegant sexual allusion. Let’s face it, in certain situations any woman does not disdain a bit of healthy chivalry of the past, so, dear men, at least get busy for this day.

7. Effusions in private

A true Gentleman, as well as a true Lady, we will never see them kissing passionately or indulging in too intimate effusions in public. This does not mean that there can be no games of glances, holding hands or some caress, everything is allowed but with elegance and sobriety. Love is a pure feeling between two people and when it is true, strong, and above all you are sure of your relationship, it certainly does not need to be waved to the rooftops. It is enough to live it with those who interest us to be happy.

8. After the evening

The party of lovers celebrates romance and above all love for two. This in no way implies the suppression of passion, on the contrary, it is nothing more than its natural expression and consequence. But, as always, there is a way and a way. At the beginning of the relationship, a true gentleman will never force the situation, he will let the evening take its course, always offering to take his beloved home home and avoiding any kind of explicit allusion. In consolidated relationships, on the other hand, you can very well take the trouble to organize something in the bedroom, perhaps by choosing a special woman’s underwear. The only rule in both cases is to respect those we love without pushing the end of the evening in one direction rather than another.

9. Thanks

For couples who do not live together, no matter how the romantic date to celebrate Valentine’s Day has ended, we must thank. Never with a text message, let alone WhatsApp, but with a phone call, yes. It is the minimum, the basis of education in general. For couples who live together, however, it is quite obvious the thanksgiving will be done in person… Or between the sheets.

10. Young couples

Young couples who have recently met and with whom the Valentine’s etiquette is more permissive deserve a slightly separate discussion. First of all, full freedom of expression is allowed using both classical and modern methods. Yes, then to handwritten love letters and romantic messages via WhatsApp or email. Yes to heartfelt gifts of all kinds and various fuss.

Ideas for a special party of lovers

Come rendere speciale San Valentino.

In conclusion, after having seen step by step what the Valentine’s etiquette advises us we could make it short by noting how surely it is a party dedicated mostly to young couples. In fact, adults are advised to have a sober and elegant attitude more than anything else.
However, in both cases, you have to remain yourself simply by showing a little more attention to your loved one. However, since there is no obligation that imposes how, when, and why, it is also a party in which romantics in love can indulge themselves and are always looking for new inspiration on how to spend a special Valentine’s Day. In this regard, I suggest you read the Valentine’s Day guide that I found on full of suggestions for a romantic date, with many gift ideas, love quotes and perfect songs as a soundtrack. I just have to wish you all the love in the world and if you already have an idea of ​​how you will celebrate it, let me know that I am still on the high seas.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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