Valentine’s Day gift: 9 ideas for those who love fashion

by fashionsnobber

Valentine’s Day. Feast of lovers par excellence. Established in the Middle Ages taking its name from the Saint Valentine who professed Love for neighbor not so much love intended between lovers. Only after and with several uncertified hypotheses did it become what we all know. The feast of courtly love. The day of February 14 when there would be the traditional exchange of valentine. That is, that typical Valentine’s Day gift that involves sending and receiving love cards with attached hearts. Over time, it has also come to the addition of themed gift exchange and has turned into a party that is more commercial than of real meaning.

My feast of lovers between love and habit

Valentine’s Day for me is a day like any other. Needless to reiterate the thought of how much you need to love yourself and above all remember to love each other with facts and respect every day. Not simply making a Valentine’s Day gift on a specific day and blah blah blah. I have never loved to celebrate it except for the excuse of forcing husband to eat dishes in which the heart shape, which usually would follow me, reigns supreme. We are an unromantic couple. Or, simply, we prefer to be the ones who maybe send themselves to the devil one day and the other as well but despite everything they choose each other continuously. When we wake up, when we lie and disappoint each other and yes, even when we make love to make peace. Why don’t we tell about a bond of free sweetness that doesn’t exist in a habit. Love is not a film, a novel, nor sweet words to go go. It is enduring, accepting the defects of the other, being able to be surprised to break down the monotony. Always wanting with passion. Butterflies in the stomach are falling in love but that then passes and turns into mammoths. After all, aren’t butterflies living a few days if not one?

Valentine’s Day gift: 9 ideas for a woman who loves fashion

As it was possible to notice in the last outfit idea, I love hearts, their stylized shape commonly colored in red is capable of kidnapping me on various fashion details. For this reason, a small themed selection with all the fashion items that have impressed me most recently and could be a good Valentine’s Day gift idea.


Burberry Valentine's day gift ideas.

Christian Louboutin

9 idee regalo per San Valentino.


9 idee regalo romantiche.

Dolce & Gabbana

D&G Valentine's day gift ideas.


9 fashion Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Kate Spade

9 idee regalo con cuori.

Miu Miu

9 idee regalo per fidanzata che ama la moda.


Moschino Valentine's day gift ideas collection.


9 idee regalo per la fidanzata.

And nothing, after all these hearts, instead of wishing who knows what as a Valentine’s Day gift, in the end in this period I can only think of a thought that was used to write on diaries in the 90s:

Valentine’s day,
The feast of every idiot,
Who thought he loved
And instead he remained screwed.


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