Valentine’s Day, hearts and surroundings

by fashionsnobber

Valentine’s Day, the feast of love par excellence. Founded in the Middle Ages taking its name from the Holy Valentino who professed love for our neighbor, not so much love understood between lovers. Only later and with different unaudited hypothesis it has turned into what we all know. The courtly love feast. The day of February 14 in which there would be the traditional exchange of valentine, ie those typical notes of love with hand annexes stylized hearts facts or unless they are. Over time then it also came to the addition of themed gifts exchange and has become a commercial holiday that deeply meaningful real.
As I see it?
For me it is a day like any other, needless to explain the thought of what you have to love each other and above all remember to love each other with facts, habits and respect every day, not a specific day of the year, and bla bla bla. I never particularly loved celebrate unless he has an excuse to force her husband to eat food where it can vent my passion for form in the heart that normally would pull me back. We are a romantic couple just what can you do. Or simply, we prefer to be the ones that maybe are sent to hell one day and the other as well but nevertheless you choose the time, every moment more, when we wake up, when you lie and disappoint each other and, even when we do the ‘I love to make peace. Because we are true and do not tell a bond of free mawkishness nonexistent habit. Love is not a movie, a novel and even a go go sweet words, you stand each, accept the faults of the other, being able to surprise to break the monotony and always desiderarsi with passion. Butterflies in the stomach are falling in love but what then passes and turn into mammoths. The rest are not exactly the butterflies to live a few days if not a single one?

Valentine’s Day, hearts and surroundings for the perfect gift

Nevertheless I love hearts, that they commonly colored stylized form of red able to kidnap me on various fashion products as you may have noticed in the last outfit accessories. For this can not miss a small selection of those who most impressed me lately and could be a good idea for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin San Valentino - Christian Louboutin Valentine's day.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu San Valentino - Miu Miu Valentine's day.


Moschino San Valentino - Moschino Valentine's day.


Burberry San Valentino - Burberry Valentine's day.

Kate Spade

Kate Sade San Valentino - Kate Spade Valentine's day.


Twin Set San Valentino - Twin Set Valentine's day.


Fendi San Valentino - Fendi Valentine's day.

Dolce & Gabbana

D&G San Valentino - D&G Valentine's day.


Coccinelle San Valentino - Coccinelle Valentine's day.

And nothing in the end to me in this period comes to mind just a thought that was used to write on the upper diaries.

Valentine’s day,
The feast of every idiot,
Who thought he loved
And instead he remained screwed.

Credits: Images found on the official websites of the brands.

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