Video stories selfies in moments of madness

by fashionsnobber

Since he was born Snapchat stories selfie videos they have plagued more or less all. Since when has also introduced Instagram contagion has become perhaps too viral. Of course there are those who denigrate the but I’m sure even privately we all have played a bit. Including me.

Selfie video stories to make you smile

I do not public lots. As you know I really care to keep well separate private life from social life. More to my personal choice, because as they say “are my own“, that shame, shame or something. Therefore, when the public my stories are totally useless. Turn into colossal boredom. Where basically I do the stupid on purpose to try to give away in those few seconds at least a good laugh. I mean, who really cares to see what makes a person at the supermarket rather than in the gym? We all do it the same way as drink a coffee or when we are on the toilet. For as I am it is best to use them to bring a smile to the next. Or at least try.

Snapchat selfie video stories collected in moments of madness

He said this in a period a bit ‘so. In which I tell you with my heart in my hand that I did not want to write texts or engaged to advise a fashion leader over another. No, not even to fight against some windmill. And not because I’m running out of ideas, or rather, I draft a lot of post by view is that just DOES NOT FANCY. They are days when I require only lightness, spontaneity, joy and smiles. Then the fund is that we need a little ‘all.

I like to make people laugh. This makes you understand. I fill my heart with joy when I can make someone smile. Whoever he is. Friend, enemy, a relative unknown, adult or child. I think of all my passions this is the only one that perhaps is better to me. So I gathered all my selfie video stories funnier and nice and I made a single video. Of course as always high in futility rate and without any pretense. Simply because maybe when you’re a little ‘down, or you have one of those chronic pessimistic days or demoralizing you can come here and let you two healthy laughter. Besides, if I tease me because you could not do it a bit ‘too? ;)

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