We have more social networks that soul

by fashionsnobber

Today we deal with a question of modern times in which our soul is divided between a smartphone, which has become a part of our body, and that period of time in which it is under charge. I’m talking about social networks.

We have multiple socials that soul

Social networks life.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and those who have more and more invent.
My relationship with social networks? Virtually zero compared to what I could possibly do. But for whom? For what?
Recently they really pointed out to me that on public social networks and I share too little. I repeat: but for whom? For what?
As a matter of fact, I don’t give a damn about the numbers and mechanisms necessary to achieve who knows what notoriety or cheap web influencer. What then, let’s face it, these games bring “work” to elements that if they open their mouths look like chickens escaped from the farmyard. Any reference is NOT purely random.
I am an extremely reserved person, I care about my privacy and I don’t feel the need to like them to get them in return or to comment for the same reason, so what?
Does this make me less blogger than others?
If I don’t publish what do I do every moment of my life makes me less alive or real than others?
I don’t believe, if anything, I still manage to have the good sense of understanding what is the case to share with what maybe not.

Tricks from social networks

Analisi semi seria sulla vita social.

They say:

Out of all the social network you have to buy followers would otherwise not get anywhere without K.

And if I buy ghosts instead where I arrive? Nice to share thoughts and ideas with nothing. In practice, people are paid to influence fake, cool! And not stupid they are to take the piss companies is clear …

On Twitter and Instagram have to follow at random and then defollow just reciprocate.

To be defollowed as soon as I do the bastard right? Why you get caught, you know that right? Just use the Reports + app.

Come in groups of Instagram and Telegram for sharing like and comments so the photo you like in the popular.

In reality in these groups we are all stuck at random but we fly over. And sorry if I have a life and I lack the material time to browse all the photos commenting on them intelligently. Yes, because in the comments there must be at least four words and an emoticon otherwise they are not good. But I have already explained this in the short guide on how the Instagram algorithm works. And at the third comment the only things that come out of my heart would be an “Oh, your ass, I actually didn’t know it well enough yet!“, “But besides yourself you have nothing else to photograph?“, “Beautiful, you’re only photogenic ‘half’ naked?” to end with a nice “But who fucks you!“.
And I reveal a secret to you. In the popular there have ended up a lot of times always with photos where I’m not naked and with comments that came spontaneously. What bad luck huh?!

On Facebook you ask the world’s friendship, and calls for the likes to your page.

The other side is said to be a person and not a number. It is said that a person can still decide who, what, how and when to follow someone. Let’s keep this in mind as they erase us from friends and say goodbye to us with the little princess Kate hand.

Ok, so far are the usual things chopped and retracted but I love to reiterate the obvious from time to time. It has never been known for once to be heard. And in essence? Can you please tell me what the heck is true in social networks? Even Renzi and Santa Claus in comparison become more credible. Almost as much as me as Sailor Moon.

Fashion Snobber and social network:

But after all this ranting and spitting out sentences, how do I use social networks?
In a simple and painless way for my life, bad for a possible working path, I know.
I don’t open anyone’s profiles, photo albums and rarely read states. I quickly go through the Home, go to publish what I had in mind and go out. So my comments and likes come because I found you in the Home, constantly on the go, and not because I idolatrous or hate someone depending on the case.
I don’t waste hours looking at other people’s facts. I am not curious about the lives of others, I simply do my own things. Nothing else.
Why does this belief exist that we are the center of the world of others? I’d like to have an answer because I can’t understand.

Social networks truth or lie?

In an era where we are all reachable 24 hours a day, is there really all this need to let the world know what we are doing in order to make us envy? It seems to me that there is only a total loss of reality. It is all built on lies and deception towards others. They feed on immense egos of those who until the year before were considered only by my dog as a pole to pee us. And above all, more seriously, you have missed living a moment in full. Think about it, the first thought has become to instagram it, tweet it, pin it, etc. What sadness. Let’s use social networks, we would miss it, but let’s not let our soul and credibility be eaten, because people, after all, are not yet so stupid. Maybe.

Abbiamo più social network che anima.

How do you experience social networks? Are you there or are you doing? Obviously neither of them, but I enjoyed creating very nice social themed outfits.

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