Wedding Dress: instructions for use

by fashionsnobber

A wedding dress is not just a piece of clothing, but it is the materialization of a dream, a desire that lives inside every woman.

The choice of the wedding dress

He ran 13 March 2010. I remember it very well. A beautiful sunny day that promised a great start spring. It was just before the wedding (June 12) and I still was not going to choose my dress. Bad. I admit. But I was focused on other preparations to be set aside, perhaps the most important. I do not know, I was afraid to decide and choose, it seemed as if expecting it was not true that I was to marry. I swear, I did not explain this still my indecision to go so late to choose the wedding dress. It is not to me that I organize and organize my life well in advance. The female mind in marriage is capable of anything. I warn you.

Looking for the perfect wedding dress

After months and months that thumbed themed magazines and visiting online I atelier the decision had fallen on two jaws. Claraluna and Magnani. The other, however, liked something I did not convince me fully to the idea I had in mind.
For example Pronovias is too obvious for my taste, is that they wear all and I hate the things they wear everyone, are contrarian in this so do not take it ever even consider.
Atelier Aimèe as the adored all that is special for the genre of my marriage was too eccentric and Rosa Clara was too sophisticated for a reception in the countryside.
I wanted a very simple wedding dress with a bon ton touch or something that would evoke to a hippie chic style and among all eventually struck me these three models. The first perfect as it was Claraluna in the catalog with the same hairstyle and make-up (still in production) or the skirt of the second with the bodice of the third Magnani (photo below).

Come scegliere abito da sposa perfetto.

The dress of your dreams

So that morning I went to visit first because Magnani was the studio closest to my house. “Just to take a look and start to try something”, I told myself, not to put too much anxiety.
And you think, given my usual “luck”, what they told me gown I wanted to try?
Obviously it was not available because he had already taken another future bride girl in my area but in July.
Already, from Magnani is the rule that one wedding dress is not the same as double depending on regions and with a minimum of six months from the date of the wedding difference between one and the other.
A rule just, without a doubt, but imagine my mood at the stars as he found himself in the ground within a few minutes.
But now I was there, I might as well try and see something. So they start to let me try clothes on clothes. With very long train, no train, corsage, topless, with lace, no lace, white, ivory, pink, in Empire, Mermaid, a meringue and dual dress. Among others, two dual dress patterns that I felt I am still in the collection. You can see them below along with two other models that I tried at the time and I did not mind. But no, I was not convinced, not snapped anything.

Wedding dual dress Magnani Sposa.

It is not you who chooses the dress, it is he who chooses you

When, at one point, walking for the studio with yet another princess dress, with which constantly stumbled but still seemed the most suitable to my needs, distractedly my gaze rests on a mannequin in a corner of the dressing rooms and on He dresses she wore. Maybe a little too pizzoso for the idea in my head, but that skirt with polka dots (God only knows how much I love you love them on through and through), those manichine puffed and ivory were perfect.
And what? Ok, I try it. I want to know.” I say that according to the contract short I was going to go crazy.
They dress, I turn to the mirror on a huge pedestal, I look up…
I start to cry like a fool.
It was HIM.

Come scegliere abito da sposa perfetto.

(The first frame is the dress I chose, but in the second and third I am wearing it on the wedding day.)

How to choose the perfect wedding dress

So for the case, if I had not wandered the atelier even I would have seen and perhaps I would never have met.
Perfect in every way.
Other three tests, three more months and then it would have been my best friend for a whole day and the best dress guarded in my closet.
At the end when the wedding dress is HIM, you feel it immediately when he wears it, just look at you, as soon as we take two steps. It will often be different from the models that you had thought for you.
Not you choose him, but he who chose you.
There are rules to follow or secrets to reveal it just perceive you look up and you see yourself.

Here I propose some idea today of my favorite brands regarding wedding dresses.


Claraluna wedding dress.

Magnani Sposa

Magnani Sposa wedding dress.

Rosa Clarà

Rosa Clara abiti da sposa.

Atelier Aimèe

Abiti da sposa Atelier Aimèe.

Anna Campbell

Abiti da sposa Anna Campbell.

Giovanna Sbiroli

Giovanna Sbiroli wedding dress.

And how did you meet him and how do you plan to meet your wedding dress?

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cvetybaby 17.05.2015 - 21:02

Amazing dress, such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing them!

fashionsnobber 24.05.2015 - 19:44

Nothing figured, I really like the topic. :)


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