Weekend in Alba among the ways of the white truffle

by fashionsnobber

Piedmont, fragrance of white truffle and Nutella in the air. A weekend in Alba, in the province of Cuneo, a town with the right measures to transfer to me tomorrow if I could. Turnable on foot, spotlessly clean, well cared for, kind and polite people to the point of stopping immediately as you approach the pedestrian crossing. We were not even in Switzerland. Shops that rival Via Monte Napoleone in Milan and the smell of chocolate. Yes, that’s right, you smell like chocolate.

Weekend in Alba between truffle streets

In an area where Miroglio and Ferrero are the masters it is virtually impossible not to want to dress well and eat delicacies. White truffle and Moscato as an unforgettable part dinner at the Osteria dei Sognatori based on typical dishes and a braised meat that melted in the mouth. I’ve never felt so good in any Italian place, I have to admit. Probably Alba is very close to my mentality and my lifestyle but strangely I suffered to have to leave and so far this feeling only happened to me with Paris.
As soon as I arrived I dedicated myself to wandering around the city in absolute tranquility and I could not avoid walking upstairs to admire every building and every corner.

Weekend in Alba.

Then a break at Caffè Vergnano, a cozy little place that uses the machinery of the past and pampers you with homemade cakes of an orgasmic goodness (can you say that?). I advise you to pass by and enjoy their coffee, it was a moment of immense pleasure.
On this first day of walking during my weekend in Alba I wore a Pied de Poule coat and Ralph Lauren braided sweater, H&M skinny black trousers, Sheen ankle boots and Michael Kors bag. A casual chic look that allowed me to be presentable until the evening for the wine tasting event around the streets of the center.

Casual chic outfit details.

Alba, 2nd day

On the second day of the weekend in Alba I visited the Saturday morning market that stretches across the center and is really huge. To envy that of Frote dei Marmi on Wednesday. Later visit to the various churches in the city and I was enchanted by the Duomo. Its beauty is indescribable, it left me speechless throughout the visit. From the outside you can’t feel the majesty and the interior grandeur so not expecting then who knows what the surprise turns into authentic magic. There is nothing to do, the Italian architecture the other countries if they dream of it and it is a pity not to know how to exploit them at 360 ° as they deserve.

Duomo di Alba.

Another thing that I really enjoyed during this weekend in Alba was Chris Bangle‘s giant bench. An American architect who came on holiday in the Langhe and having fallen so much in love with it, he had the brilliant idea of erecting as many as 8. In various colors we can find them scattered in strategic points of view that it is up to us to seek and reach. In Vezza d’Alba there is the white one near Il Torion. A unique spectacle and at the sunset of such a romanticism that even the undersigned will become sweetened. If you get there, don’t forget to leave a message in the guestbook in the letterbox right next to the bench. A very nice idea to allow everyone to leave a memory after their visit.

L Torion Vezza d'Alba panchina gigante di Chris Bangle.

Alba, 3rd day

Finally, the last day of my weekend in Alba, I stocked up on every unimaginable delicacy. At the International White Truffle Fair, in addition to truffles, you can find countless other typical products. I also noted with great joy how organic and completely natural they were. Finally there is a research and a request for alternative agriculture, healthy and without the use of various poisons. I think it’s very important to start selecting and knowing what we eat. We owe it to us, to future generations and to our health.
To end my weekend in Alba I wore an oversized vest and shirt by Mango, G-Star jeans, Patti di Luna boots and Orciani bag.

Casual rock outfit.

Unfortunately my weekend in Alba had to end but I don’t rule out coming back to the Langhe soon. Who knows, maybe next year you might find me as a truffle hunter. Meanwhile, I begin to train dogs with the small white truffle bought before slicing it on noodles. Enjoy your meal!

White truffle in Alba, Italy.

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vale 27.10.2015 - 18:15

Che belle queste fughe da weekend, le adoro ! Adoro anche il tartufo, per cui mi sarei trovata benissimo ! E tu, chic e raffinata come sempre :) Un bacione !

Fashion and Cookies – fashion blog

Anett 27.10.2015 - 18:04

Mmm che buono il tartufo! Deve essere stato bellissimo questo evento!

Bella Pummarola

Alyssa Monique Bustillo 27.10.2015 - 16:13

Your travel diary post is really interesting!

Radi 27.10.2015 - 2:33

This blog post is perfect, I love all the photos and the way you wrote it!



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