The Color Soup it’s officially online

by fashionsnobber

I had recently mentioned the imminent arrival of The Color Soup in a previous post. I introduced him even though he had not yet left at 360°. They were only anticipations of what it would have been. Well. Finally I can talk about it properly and tell how much more of everything I’ve ever written so far.

The Color Soup online shop opens it’s doors

Each of us will have the concrete opportunity to create and customize a fabric for the realization of everything we want by choosing from the infinite inspirations put online by The Color Soup or by directly uploading our idea with a simple click. Such as?
Simply by going to the website, register with one of our accounts and proceed with creation. We will be able to choose among the many bases of unbleached fabrics the one most suited to our needs or lose ourselves in the endless possibilities that other designers have put at our disposal.

The Color Soup shop online.

Is this not enough? For the more creative, The Color Soup also gives you the option of directly uploading your own pattern. Give it a unique name, choose the exact size of how it should appear, decide on which fabric to print it, place it in the cart and then proceed with the order. Like any other normal online shop site. Furthermore all our uploaded ideas will not be lost but automatically saved in the “Upload Archive” area of our account. Easier than that!

Come stampare un tessuto personalizzato.

Did you recognize it? That’s right, it’s the graphic print I created for the maxi skirt worn at Milan Fashion Week. As a “testatrice” of the service I say, I write and subscribe that here you will find only products of excellent quality well selected and coming from our best Made in Italy to obtain a perfect result and even greater than our expectations. Now it’s your turn, make your own fabric and remember that for the entire month of October, shipping is free so don’t let yourself miss the opportunity to pass on your uniqueness. I did it, what are you waiting for?

Tessuto personalizzato Fashion Snobber.

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