Summer 2018: white jeans and multicolor trend

by fashionsnobber

Summer is the season of heat, of the sea, of the sun, of holidays and also my way of dressing must express this joy that I feel in a particular way. Among the many summer colors that I like to wear, black is certainly not among these and, frankly, I spontaneously banish most of the dark shades such as black, but also brown and dark purple. The color that I love especially during the summer is white. I know that sometimes it is not very practical, but I can not imagine a more suitable color, for example, for my evening outings. Especially if combined with other colored garments, white can become a trump card in the sleeve. Wearing simple white jeans with a denim jacket, I already seem to compose an outfit that is original and suitable for any occasion. Do not you believe it? Let’s discover together how best to combine it and you will see that a touch of white never hurts…

Two outfit ideas on how to wear white in the summer with multicolor touches

Casual chic outfit with white shirt and flared jeans, idea di outfit casual chic.

This idea of outfits can be perfect during an evening with friends. As you can see, the white of Morgan De Toi’s long sleeved blouse with exposed shoulders shines with its own light thanks to its silver appliqués. Combining the white of the shirt with this model of bell-bottom jeans, low waist and with raw cut edges of Please, it’s immediately casual but with the right chic touch. camicia bianca Morgan De Toi.

To not give up the multicolor trend we can give a touch of color with a pair of red sandals like these of Desigual and complete the outfit with a blue Calvin Klein shopping bag.

Red sandals Desigual online shop

I know, you’re already wondering where you can find all the garments and accessories that I have selected for this and the next look. Simply going on In their clothing site you will find a lot of clothes and accessories from the best glamorous and trendy brands. I was very satisfied and I’m sure you will not regret it either. An impeccable service, a wide selection of well-chosen items and, in the sales period, spring/summer fashion can get discounts up to 60%. Definitely an excellent opportunity for good and healthy online shopping.

Online shop red sandals details.

Online shop blue bag Calvin Klein.

Casual outfit with a multicolor shirt and white jeans

Another idea of casual outfits for everyday life on how to wear white in summer, without renouncing the trend of multicolor, can be white jeans combined with a patterned shirt…

Come indossare i jeans bianchi in estate - How to wear white jeans in summer.

A nice game of colors, do not you think? Only white jeans perfectly match the colored blouse with the touch of blue in denim sandals, both Desigual items. How to end this look? With a beautiful cream-colored backpack by Calvin Klein. Comfortable and versatile thanks to the yellow inner bag that gives that extra touch of glamor., dettagli outfit casual.

The skinny white jeans are sober and elegant thanks to the zipper on the bottom of the leg. You can leave it open by creating a turn-up for a more trendy effect, or close it to make it more chic. In short, depending on your style you can wear them by personalizing them as you prefer.

Dettagli outfit casual, jeans bianchi e tendenza multicolor.

Concluding we can see that with a simple white garment every outfit is perfectly in line with all the trends of the moment as well as having innumerable possibilities of matching with the multicolor. In this case, all the articles from the online shop are proof of this. Shoes, bag, backpack, pajama jeans, white jeans and shirts lend themselves very well to being able to shoot together creating more than two outfits. In short, good shopping for everyone and for this summer the white becomes your right arm. online shop, summer sandals.

Blue bag online shop

Shop online borse estate Calvin Klein

Shop online zaino bianco Calvin Klein su

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