How to wear a white shirt in 10 different styles

by fashionsnobber

The white shirt is one of those essential items in anyone’s wardrobe. But sometimes it can be boring and we always end up wearing it in the usual way. There are endless lines and over the years and centuries hundreds have been interpreted and reinvented, but I say thousands of times. Personally I prefer the slightly waisted model that always slims the figure or those with the masculine line and the very starched collar that can easily be unfastened to Audrey Hepburn. I took as an example a basic white shirt, classic, very simple, slightly waisted, long-sleeved and cotton model by Ralph Lauren and here’s how I adapted it to 10 different fashion styles.

How to wear a white shirt in 10 different fashion styles

Boho Chic

Camicia bianca boho chic style outfit.
Make it perfect, for example, for a Coachella is simple. Just roll up your sleeves, open the last buttons and tie the end of or to the side or front and pair it with shorts fantasy, gypsy maxi skirts, fringed accessories, crown flora, by round or heart-shaped sunglasses and you’re fact, in perfect boho chic style.

Bon Ton

White shirt bon ton style outfit.
Lace, bows, pastels or any piece has a delicate line, white shirt is perfect. In this case just you slip it inside her skirt and enrich it with a maxi necklace for a romantic style and etiquette.


Camicia bianca country style outfit.

Opening it totally, rolling up his sleeves and wearing a tank top plain or a fancy checkered with a bandana on the shorts of jeans and cowboy boots, maybe even with a nice cowgirl hat grab a country style.


White shirt dandy style outfit.

With a bow tie under a suit, preferably masculine cut and with a nice loafer the white shirt becomes immediately dandy style.


Camicia bianca grunge style outfit.

That is totally open with under a t-shirt written or simply worn under a leather Gubbino from rockers cut with trousers or a skirt and theme of amphibians is perfect to transform your look in grunge style. If required, even rock depending on the accessory or the underlying clothing.


White shirt hipster style outfit.

Why not wear the white shirt on fantasy leggings under a mega sweatshirt comfortable and Converse? Guaranteed success for this hipster look.

Navy style

Camicia bianca navy style outfit.
Inside the trousers or knotted at the waist is perfect for this navy style, just insert an article that recalls the sea and you’re done.


 White shirt preppy style outfit.

And if under the neck of the white shirt there was a bow made with a satin ribbon? Perhaps on a pleated skirt with tights and ballet shoes. The result is undoubtedly preppy style.


Camicia bianca punk style outfit.

Via garments strictly leather nail studs to go go and collars at the neck to fit your punk style.

Street style

White shirt street style outfit.

Finally, rolling up his sleeves and either choosing to insert it in or leave it out a pair of ripped jeans, maybe boyfriend, model and with the right shoe, the white shirt becomes perfect for a easy street style.

And you instead how you interpret a simple white shirt? While you think about it, you might read “How to wear a denim shirt in 7 different styles“.

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InFrontRowStyle (@InFrontRowStyle) 26.07.2015 - 12:32

HI dear, nice to meet your blog!!! I love all ideas, but i need a pink skirt ahahaha ;)
Un beso. Vanessa

Estefania 21.05.2015 - 14:28 Reply
fashionsnobber 24.05.2015 - 19:40

Thank’s! :*


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