Why fashion bloggers are considered stupid

by fashionsnobber

It is now a matter of fact, the Italian fashion bloggers are considered stupid and most likely also why they are not taken seriously. Certainly not all, there are always exceptions as in any field, but we must be honest and realize that a good 80% are unfortunately really so. Simply stupid.
The idea for this post came from a statement I heard during the fashion show of Trussardi last fashion week in which a gentleman in the front row asked a lady behind him and in front of me, what they were exactly the fashion blogger after the entrance of Mariano di Vaio sat exactly opposite him on the other side of the catwalk who spent at least half show to look and photograph themselves feet, whatsappare or do not know what, as i show in the photo below from me taken.
But the response of the lady? Because that’s what we want to know not?
I quote:
The fashion bloggers are stupid you tan by dressing casually and some idiot pays well.
Behold, this is the general idea that is given by those who probably is out of blogging but attends the fashion industry and frankly speaking, but just with heart in hand, how to blame her?
Meanwhile I was curious, I wanted to see us more clearly and so I started to get a good survey because they speak only of my point of view, perhaps it would be too partisan, now you know how I feel, so I have been busy and I have spoken with ordinary people out of this context, a few journalists, some pr, some bloggers is fashion that does not, insiders that fashion and make it really the result of the various comments about it was that.

Why fashion bloggers are considered stupid no ifs and buts

First and foremost if you say you are a fashion blogger look at you with a look of pain. Just like to ask you a “Worse could not you come up with another?”.
Then begin the speeches that there is a brutal competition, coming out like weeds and that’s a world of arriviste only able to prostitution to a lipstick from 20 EUR putting himself naked at the first opportunity without not knowing how they dress, you know the history fashion, you have a personal style worthy of note and is never something interesting to say that has not greet whomever between a quote and the other adding credits hopping as airhead between an absurd dress and a dainty diva feeling influencer am fucking (yes, I wrote cock and rewrite a hundred times because there is really good).
In essence it is clear, in the vast majority stra you think that fashion fashion bloggers do not really know a damn.
Then, to make matters worse, a few days ago someone came to my blog googling “fashion bloggers do not understand anything.
Affirmation decided failure or question the meaning is clear, however, and all of the fair the main statements on the fashion bloggers gathered from different points of view to bring all these points which enable anyone to call ourselves stupid.

10 reasons why the fashion bloggers are considered stupid

1. Fashion bloggers do not have a definite style, content, do not teach anything at all, and their blogs are founded mostly by young girls believe they can find a way to get free clothes online putting in ridiculous poses.
2. At fashion week go around dressed like Christmas trees without understanding what makes people laugh because nobody dresses like that in real life and certainly normal women and in peace with themselves do not go to work in slippers, pajamas, fuchsia tulle skirts or navel outside to be looked at by whom? People laugh, turns and certainly is not affected by these attitudes.
3. They follow every possible unimaginable trend without understanding what really mettibile or are well and think they teach or suggest the best without even knowing what is for them. Opinions have sold to the highest bidder, but do not even know the difference between cotton and linen.
4. They strip to sponsor a perfume and do not know to do is selfie, show tits or ass. Seriousness, sobriety, elegance and pride zero. They are not ashamed of anything.
5. You just snap photos from pseudo Kate Moss when they would be better themselves and abbassassero the ridge. They’re nobody but did not want to accept.
6. They quote and talk about great brands apart but then have blogs full of banners and wearing Chinese leaders clearly tarot.
7. They think to be fashion bloggers need only wear designer clothes that you can afford the 1% of the population and to be envied. Most readers simply seeks inspiration or advice to everyone is not of a select few.
8. A commentary together like idiots calling “love” and “darling” without reading a line, while behind they say of each and accoltellerebbero by one Chanel nail polish.
9. Ask a specific question, and do not even know how to answer you call laughing hyena style.
10. They think that fashion is only parades and hail no objectivity when in that way they dress only star who certainly do not have the time to read their press releases beautiful flat-spotted the left and right by not finding a concept.
My point of view?
They all absolutely right, yes, I must admit, the fashion blog forgiveness own credibility for all these aspects and the beauty is that not even realize it and each of us is adamant not to do anything that is reported above. Examiner of conscience? Perhaps it is the case, what do you say?
Now, surely you’re probably also wondering why I wrote a post like that technically goes against my blog until proven otherwise falling under this category is not it?
Here, I explain the concept for which you have to understand once and for all what all this is not my future, but according to this world for a while ‘for pleasure and passion I have just fed up and so angry. In short, I do not want to become influencers of’m cabbage and meddle in these ranks having the ambition to tell you that I will change things alone because no one changes, I know, but I was born black sheep and as such I can and I want to break my balls , that is. Because I have nothing to lose and why I do not give the right. And I will continue to do so pulling out every rotten I meet for you to realize that potential there would be a go go but wasted and those who have the ‘Xfactor is hidden by the mass of these fashion bloggers stupid. Right now they save it and not even 100 of Italian fashion blog that coincidentally are not even among the most mentioned. We know only lament all of them, some more, some less, some piccata why not get where he wants and who has only one neuron can put it to sheep in a picture, but in fact you do not evolve or change something. You are still as statues at the mercy of events to take insults from side to the other two mites.
Everyone laughs at us and taste great until we sell it, and another thing, have you ever noticed how American blog, French, British or otherwise generally very little foreign and especially rarely dare to show themselves half-naked or in poses succinct? And the Italian instead? All to believe Veline or next Ferragni.
Well, I tell you something else then I go, cheat a good reason my Chiara Ferragni there is one, and will only ever be one despite now she now defines a brand and not a fashion blogger so let’s end also to compare each tiny point of fashion blogging her. Would not it time?
Finally stop it with this believe celebrities by creating profiles with @official etc. But official of that? The world even knows you exist and goes ahead oblivious of your huge ego, thank God, we realize the absurdity of the thing? But take it seriously? There is so much you believe? Come on girls no offense, and with all due respect to some but a good month to work in the vineyard would definitely better and I’m also there with you eh. I just just several kilometers right next door here.
The gist of the story? If we’re not the first to work on us, to study and to behave with dignity in addition to making several facts will not change the rest, indeed, in a few years many will really “whatsappare” the earth. ;)

Fashion blogger sceme - Fashion blogger stupid.

Stupid fashion blogger.

Fashion Snobber che fa la scema.

Unfortunately it is a topic to be explored step by step and you could talk for hours without reaching a Therefore, I simply do a general framework listing the main points mentioned by all the companies with which I was able to confront. As usual it is not law and everyone can interpret these words as he wants but you know very well how some truth there. We are stupid, do a reason. I for one am wrong and be wrong in handling this my space but at least I know exactly what I do and what I do not want to become. I leave you with the Mariano di Vaio who looks at his shoes during the parade of Trussardi. Just to highlight the professionalism and the interest of those in light to the will of whomever while someone dreams of a similar event would look and even the twin peaks of the model. So, to say eh! Do vobis!

Mariano di Vaio.

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