Stupid fashion bloggers: 10 reasons to consider them this way

by fashionsnobber

It is now a fact. Italian fashion bloggers are considered stupid and very probably also for this reason they are not taken seriously. Of course not all of them. The exceptions are as in every field but we must be honest and realize that a good 80% are unfortunately really so. Simply silly.


The idea of ​​this post was born from a statement that I heard during the Trussardi fashion show in which a front row gentleman asked a lady, behind herself and in front of me, what exactly were the fashion bloggers after the Mariano di Vaio entered the scene sitting exactly opposite him on the opposite side of the catwalk which spent at least half the parade looking at himself and photographing his feet. Whatsappare or you don’t know exactly what.
But it’s the lady’s answer that says it all. I quote verbatim:

“Fashion bloggers are stupid people who get dressed by dressing up at random and a few fools pay them pure.

Here it is. This is the general idea that is given by those who are probably out of blogging but frequent the fashion sector and, frankly speaking, how can you blame them?

In the meantime, I got curious. I wanted to see more of it starting to get a good investigation because talking only about my point of view would perhaps be too biased. I got busy and talked to ordinary people out of this context. A couple of journalists, some PR, some bloggers both in and out of fashion, insiders who really do fashion and the result of the various comments about it was only a confirmation. We are surrounded by stupid fashion bloggers.

Because fashion bloggers are considered silly

First of all, if you say you are a fashion blogger, they look at you with an air of pain. How to ask yourself a “Worse could not come to your mind?“.
Then the speeches begin that there is beastly competition. That come out like weeds. That is a world of female climbers capable only of prostituting themselves for a 20 euro lipstick by getting naked at the first opportunity. Obviously without not knowing how to dress, not knowing the history of fashion, not having a personal style worthy of note and it is never something interesting to say that it is not healthy who knows who between one quote and another. In short, adding credits skipping like absurdity between an absurd dress and a mouthful of diva feeling an influencer of this cock is the fashion of the moment.
It’s clear. The overwhelming majority believe that fashion bloggers don’t really know how cool it is.
Then, to make matters worse, a few days ago someone came to my blog looking for on Google “fashion bloggers don’t understand anything“.
A firm statement or a missed question, the meaning is however clear and at the end of the fair the main statements gathered from the different points of view all lead to the following 10 points that allow anyone to define the stupid fashion bloggers.

10 reasons why fashion bloggers are considered stupid

Fashion blogger sceme: 10 motivi per cui sono considerate così - Stupid fashion bloggers: 10 reasons to consider them this way.

  1. Fashion bloggers don’t have a precise style, content and they teach absolutely nothing. Their blogs are mostly founded by young girls who are convinced they can get free clothes by putting themselves online in ridiculous poses.
  2. At fashion weeks they go around dressed like Christmas trees without understanding how much they make people laugh because nobody dresses like this in real life. Normal women who are at peace with themselves do not go to work in slippers, pajamas, fuchsia tulle skirts or navel outside. People laugh, turn around and are not influenced by these attitudes.
  3. Follow every possible unimaginable trend without understanding what really fits or is good for them. They think they recommend the best without even knowing which one is for them. They have opinions sold to the highest bidder but don’t know the difference between cotton and linen.
  4. Undress to sponsor a packet of crisps and can do nothing but selfies showing asses and boobs. Seriousness, sobriety, elegance and self-love not contemplated.
  5. They have profiles with only photos of themselves because they conceal an insecurity to be filled with a like and a comment on their external but certainly not internal beauty.
  6. Mention and talk about big brands regardless but then they have blogs full of Chinese banners and they clearly wear tarot cards.
  7. They think that to be a fashion blogger just wear designer clothes that can only afford 1% of the population and be envied. Most readers are simply looking for inspiration or advice for everyone, not a select few.
  8. Comment among themselves as imbeciles calling themselves “love” and “darling” without reading two lines. Behind everybody is said of each and they would stab for a Chanel nail polish.
  9. Ask a specific question and they can’t even answer you what they are called laughing in hyena style.
  10. Think that fashion is only fashion shows and they praise them without objectivity. They are unaware that in this way only the stars who certainly do not have the time to read their press releases, copied/pasted on their blog pages, are dressed. When and if they have one.

The black sheep of fashion blogs

La pecora nera dei fashion blog - Stupid fashion blogger.

Surely someone will wonder why writing such a post that technically goes against the main theme of my blog.
Following this world for quite a while out of pleasure and passion, I just got tired and so pissed. I don’t want to become an influencer of this cabbage and mix with this group having the ambition to say that I will change things because nobody changes them alone. I know it very well. But I was born a black sheep and as such I can and want to break my balls. That yes. Because I have nothing to lose and because I don’t give a damn. I will continue to do this by pulling out the rotten trying to make it clear that there would be potential to go go but it is wasted. Those who have the Xfactor are concealed by the mass of such stupid fashion bloggers.
Have you ever noticed how American, French, English or in any case most foreign blogs dare very little and rarely show themselves half naked or in skimpy poses? And the Italians instead? All to believe Veline or the next Ferragni of the situation.
Make yourself a reason, there is one by Chiara Ferragni and she will always and only be one even though she now defines herself a brand and no longer a fashion blogger. Let’s also finish comparing every tiny comma of fashion blogging to her. Wouldn’t it be the hour?
Enough of this believing yourself to be celebrities by creating profiles with @official etc. But official de che? The world cheerfully ignores all this boundless ego. Do we realize the absurdity of the thing? Girls come on, without offense and with all respect, but for some a good month at work in the vineyard would certainly be better. I’ll go with you too eh. I have just several kilometers right next to it.


My point of view?
They are all completely right. Well yes. I have to admit it. Fashion blogs lose credibility in all these aspects without even realizing it. If we are not the first to work on us, studying and behaving with dignity will certainly not change the general opinion on considering stupid fashion bloggers. Indeed, in a few years many will really be whatsappare the earth.

Unfortunately it is a topic to be explored point by point and could be discussed for hours without arriving at a therefore. I limited myself to making a general picture by listing the highlights cited by all the realities with which I had the opportunity to deal. As usual, it is not law and everyone can interpret these words as they prefer, but we know very well how much truth there is. I am first and I will be wrong in managing this space of mine but at least I know exactly what I don’t want to do and what I don’t want to become. I leave you with Mariano di Vaio who looks at his shoes during the Trussardi fashion show. Just to highlight the professionalism and interest of those who are in the light for the will of who knows who while someone dreams of a similar event and would also observe the split ends of the model.

Mariano Di Vaio.

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