Fashion trends: winter must reconfirm the coat

by fashionsnobber

When we think of winter our imagination runs towards the great cold and bad weather. With the temperatures plummeting, there is nothing better than sitting under a colored duvet zapping between the TV series. Especially when rain and wind rage, making every activity slower and more cumbersome, the idea of going out is not exactly the best. Yet it is necessary to do it, covering oneself well in order to better face everyday activities. It is in these moments that winter must-haves come into play. First of all, the coat is reconfirmed, capable of keeping us warm without giving up our personal style.

Winter is its must: the coat with fur always wins

Tendenze moda inverno: il cappotto con pelliccia - Winter fashion trends: the coat with fur.

Remembering that there is always a need for practicality – both when moving on foot and in the car – as well as a continuous warm embrace that allows you to juggle adversity and the bitter frost. The coats with fur become perfect interpreters of these needs, above all because they allow practically endless matching possibilities. It’s a very popular type of outerwear, which can be declined with an evening look – a refined dinner will be the ideal stage for this timeless garment – but also for the day, en plein air walking on the seafront. As for the fur, it is not a simple or trivial detail and, on the contrary, requires an extra in terms of inspiration and elegance to create the perfect outfit. Coat has always been a must of the season. It’s a super chic cloth to be worn on jeans and a sweater or with long dresses and elegant suits. Focus on dark or neutral colors, such as black or military green, so you can more easily combine the outerwear. The fit? Comfortable and ‘over’ style is the most popular, for absolute freedom of movement and a style with an urban flavor.

The fashion radar is aimed at the fur parka

Fashion never stops, careful as it is to read and interpret the moods of society to tell them through ever new and different styles. All this, of course, in the name of comfort and practicality but also extravagance and desire to amaze. The fashion radar for some years now intercepts more and more the liking towards the fur parka and the reason is soon said: in addition to being a warm and comfortable coat it allows to be worn with an aggressive but also softer look.

Features of the fur parka

This type of coat is generally made up of two distinct pieces: there is an external coating and then the internal vest which is made of soft fur. As for the external wrapping, it is often in cotton canvas even if there is no shortage of suede or waterproof fabric. Finally, for the interior, fox fur is very welcome: the hug effect is more than assured. And the sleeve? It is not upholstered in all those models that aim to define the waistline more. In general, the padding can always be separated from the central body to be able to exploit the coat even in the less cold months. Finally, some info on the average length of this outerwear, which is generally around 80 centimeters even if it is not an absolute rule. The personality of each one will undoubtedly show through according to the choice of colors and materials in relation to this garment.

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