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by fashionsnobber

By now all totally swallowed by the digital age and by the increasingly bad information to start working on the web it would seem that it is enough to open a social profile, to pass for what you are not and lie. This craze of sharing fiction is becoming uncontrollable. Every day are born, grow (and then die) profiles of ignorant on the subject who call themselves bloggers (without having a blog), influencers (who influence the ghosts of fake accounts, ie bought), brand ambassadors (who do not charge but peep merchandise for free), SEO Specialists (who write “hi are … and I wear this.”) and so on. The game works when you come across someone who does not know anything about it, but only one person is slightly informed to discredit your online reputation and destroy those beautiful castles in the air without a foundation.

Work on the internet

Needless to say, working on the web, just like any other job, requires time, dedication, study, practice and constant updates. For this reason today I will explain what distinguishes one web figure from the other so that anyone can understand what is really behind it, how it works and above all unmask the charlatan of turn in which he comes across. Working on the internet is the future, it can, must and is beautiful, but as in any sector, SERIOUSNESS, HONESTY and PROFESSIONALISM are needed.

The main professional figures for working on the web

Working on the web.

Often one does not exclude the other and go hand in hand for a walk around the internet.


Having a blog is the easiest thing ever. Many online services allow you to create one for free in just a few steps like on, and
Being a blogger, on the other hand, is a little less easy. It is not enough to have an online diary where you can tell your days and passions but you need to know how to write. Write with commitment, perseverance and passion. Know well all the internal management of your blog and maybe even a little HTML language. At least basic notions of SEO and storytelling writing are required, thus allowing us to also become a web content creator and web content editor. The more experienced choose a specific sector to focus on. Food, travel, fitness, fashion, lifestyle… There is a topic for everyone, you just need to know your skills.
Finally it can be said that to work on the web the blogger is one of the most complete figures because he can include them all, none excluded.

Brand Advocate

The brand advocate is a loyal customer of any specific brand willing to talk about it voluntarily whenever he wants to make it free and disinterested publicity. On his own initiative he decides to review, leave feedback, recommend a product or brand to the websphere. It is not paid and receives no goods in return. The advocate brands move totally in free will but with an enormous power of persuasion and influence because considered the most spontaneous and true. They can be bloggers, influencers, etc. at the same time, and it is surely the first step to get noticed and start working on the web.

Brand Ambassador

The brand ambassador instead, unlike the brand advocate, is paid to sponsor the product of a brand or the company itself. In theory it should be selected based on its relevance to the brand, the target and the power to influence its followers in this regard. In practice now only counts the number of followers and makes a mockery of companies that do not control the veracity of these numbers. These collaborations are long-term, the brand ambassador becomes almost like a spokesman spokesman of the brand as opposed to the influencer who mainly deals with short-term campaigns. They can be bloggers, influencers, brand advocates, etc. at the same time.


The ghostwriter is the one who writes texts and renounces his own signature. In essence, it sells its contents to others who will smash them for them. It seems an absurd figure because who would want to working on the web thus renouncing its own beautiful article fruit of time and passion? Yet they exist and rightly so dearly. They can be bloggers, SEO Specialists, web content editors and web content creator.


The influencer is that figure of social profiles able to influence at least part of the followers according to his interests and personal tastes constantly shared. It is able to condition behaviors, opinions and future purchases within the web. As a brand ambassador puts us face and we must say that knowing how to select with whom to collaborate is essential because accepting everything and more is just losing credibility. The influencer is not always paid, he can receive goods in exchange, discounts or vouchers and his collaborations with the same brand are usually occasional. They should be honest and consistent people who know what they want to transmit and what to bet on to working on the web. They can be any other figure at the same time. Yes, even bloggers in which their fame is given by the traffic channeled to their website and less by social followers.

SEO Specialist

The SEO specialist is the one who knows how to manage, create and convey the organic positioning of a website and a post on search engines. In practice he knows how to write in a certain way of which Google, Bing, Yahoo! and company go crazy and so the content will appear in the first results. It goes hand in hand with bloggers, web content editors, web content creators and ghostwriters.

Web Content Creator

The web content creator develops extremely clear language contents that can be understood by everyone without renouncing to being attractive and attractive. He knows when is the best time to share something online and which audience wants to get to engage and attract the attention of the largest number of readers. Basically it can generate a lot of traffic on a specific post, blog or social that is. Similar to the web content editor can also be bloggers, influencers, ghostwriters etc.

Web Content Editor

The web content editor is one who knows how to create, communicate and organize internet content. He knows how to address a specific target perfectly and maintains a clear and coherent editorial plan with his objectives. It creates contents that are able to position themselves optimally online, using even the most technical tools such as the best choice of keywords, tags, meta description, etc. In practice, you know how to position your work in the first results on search engines. In part SEO Specialist and a more complete figure of the web content creator can working on the web as bloggers, influencers and so on.

These, in my opinion, are the most inflated and misused main professional figures with whom it is claimed to work online. Now that I’ve tried to clarify the mass, tell me, which one do you identify with most?

And me? Well, I feel like a blogger. Indeed, Fashion Snob(ber) is enough. ;)

Come si può lavorare con internet - How can you work with the internet.

All the professionals to work on the web.

Come si può lavorare nel web - How can you work on the web.

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