How to overcome the writer’s block in 6 moves

by fashionsnobber

Since I entered the world of blogging, I often talked to other bloggers who told me they had the fateful writer’s block. Including me. It happens to everyone. It’s normal. Especially when to comply with the editorial plan you always want to guarantee at least three articles a week. The mind and the imagination are constantly put under stress and even if trained and with a great desire to produce it happens they go off. There are weeks in which ideas float to go go, in those cases I suggest to mark those ideas in greater safety even when we are stuck, and days when mental emptiness takes over for various reasons. Mood, desire, boredom, disappointment, bitterness, worries and even meteoropathy can negatively affect.

6 tips on how to get rid of the writer’s block

How to overcome the writer's block.

Unfortunately, to overcome the writer’s block, there is no scientifically proven general rule. We can only entrust ourselves to some small practical advice, tested by those who found themselves in these moments of total down and managed to get out of it.

1. No distraction

If we operate in front of a PC screen, close each other browser window and turn off or mute the smartphone. There must be no distraction like TV on or anything else that can divert our attention from what we are doing. Silence and calm help to concentrate thoughts and prevent the writer’s block from taking over. Leisures lead elsewhere, they can serve other things, but they cannot concentrate.

2. Take the attention off the blank page

When you have no ideas to fix the blank page on where we should write for whole minutes, it will not increase inspiration but will only create a sense of anxiety and panic in us. It should be interpreted as a blank page with a hidden poem. It is not said there is not, only that momentarily we do not see it.

3. Clear the mind

An astute practice to eradicate the writer’s block is to clear the mind and begin to write at random. One word behind the other. Let the thoughts flow freely. Don’t reread, don’t stop, don’t pay attention to punctuation or repetitions. Just write non-stop. Generally after a few lines a topic arises spontaneously because our brain is not able to go at random so it starts to address to sentences of complete meaning that can magically give something to say in our next post. If this does not work, because not even one word is connected to the other by similarity or otherwise, turn everything off. No days exist and forcing them will lead to nothing. If for once we do not publish, no one dies, but a bad content can penalize the work of our work.

4. Take a break

When the writer’s block leaves no way out then it’s time for a break. Get up and take a walk, have a coffee and eat something. Watch TV, browse our favorite magazine, read a newspaper or read the book on the bedside table. Just start thinking totally about something else while relaxing. In this case distractions are allowed. Even a nice hot bath in the company of two scented candles can help. With a clear mind, perhaps by talking to a stranger in the bar, watching TV or reading the newspaper, you can find something to say or comment on a topic. Well, let’s do it, let’s put it black on white and the idea has arrived.

5. Listen to music

Music has more power than we think. It is capable of inspiring and influencing without realizing it. Present those songs that can bring back important memories or memories that are part of our life playlist? Here, precisely in those texts, in those belly sensations, the thrills within us could give birth to the right idea. Don’t underestimate any sung words, even a simple “ciao” could give the there.

6. Everything can inspire

Just look out the window. Think back to the day just passed. Read the blog comments by finding us a topic suggestion. Think of a particular person or take inspiration even from the arrival of an email. The important thing is just to be able to clear the mind and not fossilize on the act itself of an idea that is not born. We are not programmed robots. Don’t panic and take a deep breath. We must not be discouraged or discouraged by throwing in the towel because the writer’s block passes, this is certain. We must take it with philosophy because if it becomes a fix we will not get out of it easily and nothing can help us. And if everything passes, let’s say goodbye until the next time we know how to deal with it.

What not to do when you have a writer’s block

Come scacciare il blocco dello scrittore.

Never, NEVER copy from others. Never underestimate people thinking they are stupid and do not notice it. An article taken from another already existing one can be seen very well. Of course, the same subject can be treated but it must be done in a personal way, not similarly and obviously the same. Obviously changing some words does not apply if the writing setting and the tone of voice are the same. The web is vast but finds everything. Unmask in a thousandth of a second let alone in the same link building round. Unfortunately I often see more plagiarized than anything else. Be yourself and have personality, do not make use of inappropriate behavior that can only come back to haunt you.

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