Writer’s block, operating manual

by fashionsnobber

Since I came into this world I often hear colleagues confide bloggers and admits to having the fateful writer’s block, including me. It happens to everyone, is normal, especially when to respect the editorial plan you want to always guarantee the three items up to a week.
The mind and imagination are put under constant stress and even trained and with a great desire to produce happens they go into off.
There are weeks in which ideas-floating go go (and in those cases I recommend segnarvi some more ideas to be kept ready as a lifeline when you have none) and days when the total vacuum takes over for various reasons, including mood, and for those like me meteoropathic the going gets even tougher.

Writer’s block, operating instructions and some advice

How to banish writer’s block?

There is no general rule scientifically proven, but only some small advice I can give you for when I happened to have these moments of total down.
If you are in front of the PC switch off every other browser window, smartphone, no distractions like TV on, music, silence and solitude help focus thoughts while entertainment will take you anywhere else it further away from what you want to do.
First, do not become fixated on the white screen of the page after living it as a concern or they never come out. Think of it as a blank page with a hidden poetry.
It is said there is not just that moment you do not see.
Cleared the mind and begin to write at random, one word after another. Let your thoughts flow freely, not re-read, do not stop, do not pay if a punctuation or repetitions, and just write.
Generally after a bit ‘of lines it springs spontaneously an argument because our brain is unable to go to the event so you will start to address on complete sentences that can magically give you something to say in your next post.
If that does not work because there comes a word connected to each other by similarity or contrast switch everything off. Not a good day.
Get up, go to make you a nice coffee, tea or herbal tea, ate two macaron, two cookies or a slice of bread and Nutella flipping through your favorite magazine, the journal of the day or read your book on the nightstand. Just started to think of anything else totally relaxing. Now distractions are allowed. Also a nice hot bath in the company of two beautiful candles can help. Convince yourself that even if not published for once nobody dies, you have to take it with philosophy because if it becomes an obsession not easily go out and nothing will inspire you.
I am sure that in their mind free of that magazine, book or newspaper you will find something to say on an issue or something that you think you could have done better. Well, then, write it in your online diary and the article there.
Even this has helped you?
Listen to music, you, right, music, know those songs that can bring you back to the surface important reminders for you or you would like to forget? Your playlist of life in practice. Here, in those texts, in those gut feelings, shivering inside you could be born a new idea for your next article. Do not underestimate any word sung, even a simple “hello” might give you there.
Anything can inspire you, just look out the window, think back to the day’s events, read the comments on your blog and find among them a veiled suggestion topic, think of a particular person or take inspiration from a movie and even a mail you came. The important thing is just to be able to clear the mind and do not fossilize on the act itself of an idea that is not born. We are not programmed robots, do not panic, deep breath and tomorrow will be another day better or worse than the surely writer’s block. Not dismayed or discouraged because it passes, and if everything passes, greet him until the next time you will know how to address it. Yes, but do it with a big smile, I recommend! ;)

What not to do when you have writer’s block?

Never, I mean NEVER copy from others. Think well be stupid, I’ll often leave even they believe commentandovi like nothing had happened, but you can clearly see when an article has been taken from another existing one. If you want to treat this argument do it in a way your personal and non similarly and obviously the same. And change the words does not apply if the setting and the tones are still the same, the web is vast but it is everything. There unmasks in a millisecond let alone in the same round of link building! I have seen more plagiarized around than anything else. Be yourself and do personality for heaven’s sake!

Blocco dello scrittore - Writer's Block.

Blocco dello scrittore - Writer's Block.

Blocco dello scrittore - Writer's Block.

Blocco dello scrittore - Writer's Block.

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