Your favorite color tells you who you are

by fashionsnobber

Each of us has a favorite shade. A color that we love to wear more than others and to which we entrust our outfits very often. Not everyone knows that however our favorite color characterizes different personalities and has specific meanings. Let’s see which ones and let’s discover together the type of women we are and the style that represents us through this simple fashion test.

Tell me the favorite color you wear the most and I’ll tell you who you are


Bianco - White.

White is purity, perfection and brightness. If it is your favorite color you are a demanding woman, you have to find the hair in the egg and your pride prevents you from giving up. You can’t stand to fail, you must always be impeccable and look your best or your high self-esteem will suffer. Confident of yourself, your choices, your truths and your tastes, you prefer an elegant, chic style that stands out from the crowd. You must be noticed in pride and sensuality without exaggerating. Good taste first of all. Maybe you are a little too extreme in your choices and in your constant search for perfection but basically you are a sunny person, good and you have a great desire to illuminate the lives of others.


Blu - Blue.

If blue is the color you wear most often are a person who loves the calm, relaxed and quiet especially after storms. Do you prefer a classic, elegant or casual depending on the occasion, but without giving up a glam accessory. You’re very sure of yourself and rather introverted but apparently tend to convey a sense of detachment that is interpreted by many as a superior view of the risk of being a little ‘snob. Can not stand the chaos, confusion and rudeness.


Tell me your favorite color and I'll tell you who you are.

Yellow is sunshine par excellence. If it is your favorite color, you feel good about yourself, you are outgoing, smiling, lively and have a strong personality. A very intelligent woman who, however, often wearing this color conveys a search for serenity linked to moving forward after some beautiful disappointment. Jealous of your things and people you tend to be a little selfish. Your style is brought to pop and wearing clothes that perfectly convey your spontaneity and joy.


Tell me your favorite color and I'll tell you who you are.

A non-color that varies between distrust and wisdom. You’re a cautious woman, reflective and before taking a decision assess the pros and cons 360°. You have a sense of self protection towards yourself very high and keep your distance from others rarely aprendoti. In a few can say they really know you. A bit ‘moody perhaps but very determined. Your style is characterized by the seriousness of the garments that often lead you just follow the trends of the moment. A woman like you has something else to think that fashionable, let’s face it. Just try to smile a bit ‘more, life is not always dull and gray.


Marrone - Brown.

Brown stands for self-esteem, satisfaction and acceptance. In a nutshell, if it is your favorite color, you are a woman who loves you, both physically and internally. Practice, with your feet firmly on the ground you know what you want and where you want to go. Don’t get lost in unnecessary matters and you often leave feelings to others. You are earthly, coherent, you certainly don’t have time to waste in abstract situations that nobody is able to explain to you with facts or concrete evidence. Don’t like to show off, rather you prefer the opposite and your predominantly sober style acquires charm from the choice of your accessories.


Nero - Black.

Black is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and mystery par excellence. Not afraid seasons, times and is the most popular color in a variety of situations. If predominantly black robes are a classy woman who just can be discovered from the first meetings and prefer a door ajar than open. As if he were wearing a mask you hide behind this negation of color to let you find out in due time. “Time to Time” and “everything back” is your lifestyle. Discreet but able to follow fashion by compromising with it know valorizzarti without fear of getting noticed. A modern woman who knows how to look to the past, deep and reassuring. About yourself you can always count on condition you respect, otherwise your revenge will not only be a cold dish to swallow or be hurl at him.


Rosa - Pink.

Is pink your favorite color and do you feel it flowing in your veins? You are a romantic woman but you happen to believe too easily in Buchettino’s tales and short stories. Definitely naive, in the constant search for attention, you often fall into childish attitudes that, depending on the situation, lead you to be seen as immature. In reality you are very sweet, you need to receive and give love and for you the family is everything. To defend your feelings, you do not look at anything but be careful, real life is not roses and flowers, hearts and bows, occasionally being less silly gives you more credibility and less suffering. A bon ton style, sometimes by Lolita, is definitely the one with which you prefer to be noticed between your whims and the other.


Rosso - Red.

If red is the color you wear most are a person decisive, strong, sure of yourself and predominant. Are not you afraid of getting noticed, indeed you want and often intimorisci with your very provocative and sometimes eccentric style. Passionate, energetic, lively, you do not know sit still. Love traveling, discovering new horizons and make their mark. You will inflame quickly and risk of becoming aggressive if you do not count to 10. It is not serious, are you just a real person, blood that lives all viscerally.


Verde - Green.

Green as a synonym of hope and reflection. If it is your favorite color and you particularly love wearing it, you are a balanced and persevering person. You certainly don’t give up on the first difficulty, you don’t rely on appearance and you can see further. Far beyond. Nature lover loves to relax outdoors reading a good book, listening to music or doing yoga. You prefer a style that knows how to enhance your way of life more than your external appearance in itself. Your temperament and your positivity are contagious and in your vicinity you can not help feeling better, at peace with yourself and the rest of the world.


Tell me your favorite color and I'll tell you who you are.

Purple is the color that has no half measures. Either you love or hate. Just like the woman who prefers him above all. You don’t live in shades, for you it’s all or white or black, outside or inside, yes or no. Everything and the opposite of everything is a somewhat restless but extremely determined soul. It is difficult to contradict you or make you change your mind, when you decide which side to stay on you don’t go back and you don’t turn around. Consistency first of all, but remember that sometimes changing your mind is not necessarily synonymous with yielding or winning it. Your style is always sought after according to the situation, you want to excite but without ever feeling out of place.

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Gemma 08.07.2016 - 14:49

Very nice post, my favourite colours to wear are blue pink and black :D

Gemma x


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